Tweed Heads Local Court | Tweed Heads Police Station

Going to Tweed Heads Local Court? If you’ve been charged, you’ll be required to appear at court to face the charge(s).

The Tweed Heads Court house has a number of court rooms inside the building. A Magistrate or Judge presides over each court room hearing cases throughout each day of the week, other than weekends.

Tweed heads local court hears all criminal & traffic cases, including sentences, hearings, appeals and bail applications.

The town of Tweed Heads is situated on the Tweed River in north-eastern NSW. It’s next to the Queensland border. It’s about 816km from Sydney CBD.

If you’re required to appear at Tweed Heads Court, call our award-winning team for a FREE consultation for legal advice today. Our 24/7 legal hotline is (02) 8606 2218.

We appear at Tweed Heads Court and we’re familiar with the Magistrate who preside there.

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Going to Tweed Heads Court?

Tweed Heads Court contains multiple court rooms inside the building, each having its own Magistrate or Judge who presides over the days’ cases throughout the weekday.

While the Tweed Heads Court house building opens doors at 9am. The court rooms inside it open doors at 9:30am, when they begin hearing cases.


Tweed Heads Court Contact Details

Tweed Heads Court address 50-52 Recreation St, Tweed Heads NSW 2485
Tweed Heads Court Postal address PO Box 171, Tweed Heads NSW 2485
Tweed Heads Court operating hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm
Tweed Heads Court phone number T: 1300 679 272 | fax: (02) 5508 5090
Tweed Heads Court email
Tweed Heads Court website

Tweed Heads Court is about 1.3km from the Tweed Heads train station. The court house has plenty of available parking spots if you’re driving in.

How to get to Tweed Heads Court?

  • Drive. Tweed Heads Court is about 816km from Sydney CBD.
  • Train. Tweed Heads train station is only a short walk from the court house.
  • Bus. The main bus stop is next to the train station.
  • Plane. There are regional flights to and from. You can get to the court by arriving at the Gold Coast airport, Brisbane airport, or Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport.

Tweed Heads Police Station

Tweed Heads Police Station Address 83 Wharf St, Tweed Heads NSW 2485
Tweed Heads Police Station Postal address Same as above.
Tweed Heads Police Station operating hours 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
Tweed Heads Police Station phone number T: (02) 5506 9499 | fax: (02) 5506 9411
Tweed Heads Police Station website

Before going to the Tweed Heads police station to speak to police, know your rights and what to expect.

Don’t risk your future. If you’re going to Tweed Heads Police Station for questioning or to be charged, call our 24/7 legal hotline (02) 8606 2218.


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