Hinder Police Investigation – s 315(1)(a) Crimes Act 1900

Hindering investigation is when you do something with the intention to stop or prevent the investigation, discovery of evidence, or arrest of another person(s) for any offence that carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 5 years or more.

Our specialist defence lawyers attend court every weekday with a wealth of experience under their belts to give you realistic and practical advice on your options. With proven success, their number one focus is to devise the best plan for your case in convincing the police to drop the charges. In the meantime, while these negotiations take place, your case will be prepared tirelessly with our team of lawyers working around the clock on strengthening your defence.

Your Options in Court

Our experienced defence lawyers attend court on a daily basis with a wealth of knowledge in this offence. They have a proven success record of successfully defending and getting these charges dropped many times over.

Our specialist lawyers will give you immediate and realistic advice as to the possible defences for your case.

Defences to this charge

You are NOT GUILTY to this charge if:

  • You refuse or fail to reveal evidence or information
  • You acted in duress or necessity
  • Mental illness defence
  • You had no intention to prevent the investigation, evidence or arrest of a person who committed the relevant offence
  • The police officer does not have a reasonable basis to believe that the other person has committed any offence which carries more than 5 years imprisonment

Speak to our experienced team of specialist defence lawyers. They are leaders in the industry and will guide you with the best possible defence for your case, with the best way to prove your innocence. They have successfully defended these charges for countless people with a proven success record.

Their focus and specialty is on working on getting your charges dropped at an early stage. They have a proven success record in doing this.

Before pleading guilty, speak to our expert defence lawyers for possible defences to your case. They will advise you of the best way to increase your chances of getting your charges dropped early.

In the event you do plead guilty, it’s extremely important to begin preparation as early as possible.

Our highly experienced specialist defence lawyers will guide you through the entire process, giving you realistic and practical advice on the likely punishment the court will give you. Call them now to get an idea.

There are different kinds of punishment the court can give you. The punishment you get by the court depends on the preparation that goes into your case. An experienced specialist lawyer will be able to guide you well to present your case in the best possible light.

25% discount on punishment

By pleading guilty early enough, you automatically get a 25% discount off the punishment you would otherwise get. An early plea also shows remorse which helps reduce your punishment. This is why it’s critical to get practical and accurate advice as early as possible to make the right decision at an early stage.

Negotiate to drop charges

Before pleading guilty, it’s important to negotiate the charges with police and DPP. We have convinced police, countless times, to drop and downgrade charges to something far less serious. This often leads to an exceptional result with a lenient punishment. Our specialist defence lawyers have years of experience and success at achieving this by analysing the evidence and pointing out the holes.

Negotiate facts

The police fact sheet is what the Judge will read. After reading this, the Judge will punish you according to those facts. Our experienced defence lawyers focus on getting charges either dropped or downgraded, while tirelessly working on changing the facts to something far more favourable to you, placing you in the best possible position to getting the best possible result, such as a section 10 (with no criminal record).

This is often successfully achieved by our defence experts by developing a strategy of approach after carefully analysing the evidence and knowing the weaknesses of the police evidence.

Psychologist reports

Our specialist defence lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge with setting you up to see the right kind of people for getting specialist reports to use in your case. Our expert lawyers use psychologists and psychiatrists in Australia who are capable of producing exceptional reports for your case to accurately provide an explanation for your conduct. It will explain whether you were suffering from a mental illness or condition that caused your judgment to be impaired allowing the Judge to give a lenient punishment. These things can significantly reduce your punishment in court.

It’s extremely important to get a report from a highly experienced expert guided by a highly experienced specialist defence lawyer to guide the psychologist or psychiatrist with the right questions to answer into the final report the Judge will see.

Good character references

An experienced specialist criminal lawyer will guide you to getting well drafted and compelling good character references by showing you what things to comment on, and what things not to.  You will be guided on which people to get character references from with review and feedback on each one before it is given to the Judge to read. This can help reduce your punishment.

Maximum penalty

This offence carries a maximum of 7 years prison sentence, but in reality, courts do not normally give maximum punishments like this. They do only in rare cases. In fact, courts don’t want to send people to full time prison. For this reason, courts have other options of punishment which is discussed below.

Types of penalties

The Judge can punish you with any of the following types of punishment. The above factors and more will help the Judge decide which one is most appropriate to your case as each case is different with different features.

  1. Section 10 Dismissal
  2. Conditional Release Order
  3. Fine
  4. Community Correction Order
  5. Intensive Correction Order
  6. Full Time Imprisonment

Our highly experienced team of specialist defence lawyers focus on getting charges dropped or downgraded. They have successfully done this time and time over. They will thoroughly prepare and powerfully present your version to persuade the court to put you in the best position to avoid a criminal record so that you can pursue your future goals without the burden of a criminal record.