Calls for ‘Dolly’s Law’ online AVO to combat cyber bullies

The principal lawyer for Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia Jimmy Singh said cyber bullying wasn’t always taken as seriously by Police, even though existing AVO laws allowed courts to ban offenders from contacting their victims on social media. “If a young person goes into a police station and reports they are being harassed online, it should be treated ...continue reading

How Regular Post Is Being Exploited By Drug Dealers And The Dark Web

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia principal Jimmy Singh reiterated the difficultly in consumer prosecution, even if the charges hold they’re usually less than adequate. “If they can’t prove you had knowledge the parcel had an illicit drug in it — then you can’t be found guilty,” Mr Singh said. SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

Questions Raised Over Fairness of Drug-Driving Charges as Arrests Double

NSW courts have been inundated with drug-driving cases as arrests more than doubled… SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

Drug-Driving on the Rise Nationwide

New figures from Victoria Police show that drivers under the influence of illicit drugs are just as dangerous as drivers affected by alcohol…. HEAR ORIGINAL INTERVIEW HERE ...continue reading

Sydney Rapist Sentenced After Series of Assaults

A Sydney massage therapist who raped a woman at his clinic has been sentenced to at least three years jail… SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

Sydney Massage Therapist Who Sexually Assaulted His Clients

David Kai Wang pleaded guilty to assaulting a 67-year-old woman at his sister-in-law’s massage clinic at Lane Cove in May last year… SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

Taxi Driver Gets Lenient Sentence Causing Death by Dangerous Driving

Lenient sentence for Taxi driver who caused death of young man at a taxi at a rank in Castle Hill after a night out… SEE ORIGINAL FEATURE HERE ...continue reading

Taxi Driver Avoids Jail

Sydney cabbie avoids jail after young man gets dragged to his death. Defence lawyer Jimmy Singh is interviewed on Channel 9 about the case… SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

Groping Chef in Hot Water

Groping chef Marc Anthony batters fails to get conviction overturned, Jimmy Singh comments on the article… SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

Siege Survivor Charged With Break & Enter Gets No Conviction

TV news appearance of Jimmy Singh with Martin Place Siege Survivor charged with aggravated break and enter, and receives no conviction… SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE ...continue reading

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