Jimmy Singh

Principal, Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer

LL.B, G.D.L.P., Adv. Dip. Comm (Barrister & Solicitor) Parramatta, Sydney, Liverpool

Jimmy Singh is the Principal, and Senior Criminal Lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia®. He specialises in serious criminal and traffic cases.

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Mr. Jimmy Singh is the principal lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia. He is an experienced and respected criminal defence lawyer, and a passionate advocate for justice in and out of the court room.

Jimmy’s experience working as a lawyer since February 2009 has led to him representing a diverse range of small to high profile criminal cases in Australia, including one of the first ‘ANOM’ drug sting operation cases in Australia involving commercial quantity of border control drugs.

Jimmy’s distinguished career has also led to his appearances in interviews for legal insight on important and current legal issues with broadcasting channels and talk back radio shows. He also volunteers his time at Universities as guest speaker to provide his experienced insight and to inspire the next generation of soon-to-be lawyers.

Jimmy focuses largely on trying to get charges withdrawn early through carefully reviewing the evidence, preparing a thought through defence strategy of approach, and tactfully negotiating with the prosecution in the most efficient and effective way possible. As preparation is key, Jimmy will strive to ensure that no stone has been left un-turned by the conclusion of his clients cases.

He started his career appearing and representing clients in hearings, appeals and sentence proceedings in country courts across NSW, including Inverell, Armidale, Young, Gosford, Dubbo, Lismore, working only in criminal and traffic law cases.

Jimmy recognised that justice can be far better achieved and affordable for people charged with serious allegations if charges are dropped at an early stage of the case.

Mr. J Singh’s distinguished career includes appearing in almost all areas of criminal and traffic cases, including, murder, commercial drug importation, drug supply, millions of dollars worth of proceeds of crime, money laundering, and sexual assault.

Jimmy focuses mainly on serious criminal law charges and traffic law charges.

With Mr. J Singh on your defence, you can be assured that your case will be handled with a high level of attention to detail and care by amongst the very best criminal defence lawyers in Australia.

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