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Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® are a highly specialised, dedicated and trusted team of our nations brightest and best criminal lawyers Sydney has to offer with eight office locations in NSW, namely, Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Wollongong, Liverpool, Blacktown, Penrith, and Bankstown.

While we offer a Free Consult and Fixed Fees for criminal cases going to court, the main reason why clients place their trust in us is our dedication and proven high success, reflected in our highest quality legal representation, and an outstanding list of awards.

Don’t risk your future. Trust in our experienced team of criminal defence lawyers. We work around the clock, and second place is not an option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A criminal lawyer is your mouthpiece both in and out of court when talking to Judges, prosecutors, witnesses, media and police officers. They protect your rights, advise and guide you through criminal proceedings, fight to get charges dropped by negotiations and fierce representation in court. They also carefully review the police evidence, find inconsistencies in them, and strengthen your defence, all to maximise your chances at getting the best possible result.

Criminal lawyers are sometimes called ‘legal practitioners’ or ‘criminal solicitors’ who specialise in criminal law. Criminal lawyers can also be called criminal law advocates or criminal law barristers who specialise only in criminal law. They can be either defence or prosecution.

Criminal lawyers are either criminal defence lawyers or prosecution lawyers. Criminal defence lawyers represent people charged with criminal offences who appear in court, while prosecution lawyers are lawyers who prosecute those people in court. A prosecuting lawyers’ main role includes producing evidence to prove things beyond reasonable doubt that damage the defence case, while criminal defence lawyers have a broader role in cross examining prosecution witnesses in court to show inconsistencies, protecting their client’s rights, strengthening the defence case and more. These types of criminal lawyers can be barristers or solicitors in defence or prosecution.

Having done criminal defence law for many years, we understand the importance of transparency in fees which is why we provide affordable fixed fees for almost all types of criminal cases. The fixed fee is outlined on our fixed fee page of our website and will also be outlined to you at the beginning by our criminal defence lawyer during your free first consultation. The legal fees can be paid in instalments leading up to your first court date. We accept a part payment to allow us to at least immediately begin work on your case to avoid further delays.

Our lawyers only work and specialise in criminal defence law. This makes us amongst the best at what we do and leaders in criminal law. Why our clients choose and place their trust in our team of criminal defence barristers and lawyers include:

1) Our high success rate is reflected by being able to maximise your chances of getting the best possible result. We hold a proven track record of outstanding result over the years, including ‘not guilty’ verdicts in jury trials, local court hearings, and section 10 non conviction sentence results.

2) We are a consecutive award winning criminal defence law firm, rated “Top 3 criminal lawyers” in Sydney third year in a row, and rated “Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney” by independent bodies dedicated to recognise and showcase talented industry professionals in Sydney.

3) Our experienced criminal lawyers are amongst Australia’s brightest and best the nation has to offer, who work with the elite and best known criminal defence barristers Sydney has to offer in serious crime.

4) Because we regularly appear in courts across NSW, it allows us to make critical forensic decisions that has seen cases get thrown out for our clients and get legal costs awarded for our clients.

5) We specialise in negotiating with the prosecution early on in the case, and we’ve achieved a proven track record over the years in successfully getting charges dropped early.

6) We offer a free first consult with one of our experienced criminal defence lawyers, and we offer affordable fixed fees for most cases without compromising quality.

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