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Our Client is a 43-Year-Old mother with a newborn. She was apprehended by police in relation to a shoplifting offence and was immediately arrested and charged and required to appear at the Parramatta Local Court.

Our client was as the time unemployed and already struggling to gain employment in her field (Social Work) and with these newfound charges against her, any potential employer was deterred upon doing a security check.

Our client contacted CDLA and spoke to our criminal defence lawyer Alex Istifan who thoroughly advised and guided her in her case from the beginning. It became apparent to our Alex that the best way forward would be to apply for a section 14 mental health application given that our client was showing signs of mental health perhaps made worse given the circumstances of her life at that time.

A section 14 mental health application, if successful, would result in the dismissal of the charged completely, without a conviction. Our Alex began preparation immediately, which involved gathering medical reports including a psychologist report to support and strengthen the application.

When our Alex appeared with our client at the Parramatta Local Court before the Local Court Magistrate, the section 14 hearing proceeded. Our carefully prepared evidence, including the psychologist report, was all handed up to the Magistrate before substantial submissions were made by our Alex.

In the result, the section 14 application was granted and the charge was dismissed without a conviction provided that our client continue treatment to assist her recovery. Thanks to our Alex’s care and patience in preparing this case, this was a fantastic result for our client who really just needed a second chance and an opportunity to take care of her family.

Published on 23/02/2023

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