Keeping Your Dog on a Leash Laws in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A six-year-old boy has suffered severe facial injuries after he was attacked by two dogs on the grounds of his school in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Mahyar Tashnizi was bitten on the face at Baden Powell College in Tarneit not long after he arrived at school on Friday 29th October 2021. The grade ...continue reading

How Easy Can Opal Card Data Be Accessed in NSW?

Image credit: Singh_lens Jimmy Singh and Poppy Morandin. Opal Card History and Data Disclosure Unregistered Opal Card Opal Card Register Details of Innocent People Revealed 200 Statistics on Police Accessing Opal Card Data Our Interview with Criminal Defence Barrister Jack Tyler-Stott Opal Card Data for Defence Lawyers to Prove Innocence Opal Card Login and Tracking ...continue reading

Abortion Laws Australia Complete Guide

This original article has been written and kept up-to-date by our experienced criminal lawyer. Key Takeaways Abortion in Australia has been decriminalised across the nation with some differences in its accessibility and pre-conditions to lawfully perform an abortion across our States and Territories. The first Australian State to make abortion legal was Western Australia in ...continue reading

The Offence and Penalties of Throwing Rocks at Vehicles in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A passenger has narrowly escaped injury after travelling on a Sydney train that had a large rock about the size of a basketball thrown at it. According to a statement from NSW Police, the incident took place around 3:45pm on Thursday 30 September 2021, during which time the train was making its ...continue reading

Conjugal Prison Visits in Australia

Key Takeaways Conjugal prison visits in Australia are permitted only in the State of Victoria. Every other State and Territory do not allow conjugal visits. Here we explain the meaning of a Conjugal visit, whether it should be allowed in all prisons, and the rules of conjugal visits. The entire purpose of a conjugal visit ...continue reading

Centrelink Payments Fraud Laws Complete Guide 2021

Image credit: Rose Makin. This original article has been written and kept up-to-date by our experienced Centrelink fraud lawyer. Key Takeaways Centrelink fraud offences are widespread in Australia and attracts heavy criminal penalties. Centrelink payments offences are typically offences of receiving more money from Centrelink than what you’re actually entitled to, resulting in a Centrelink ...continue reading

Complete Guide on Child Sex Offences in NSW and Australia

Key Takeaways It is a crime to be involved in any sexual activity with children because children are incapable of consenting according to law. Here we outline the consequences of being convicted of a child-sex offence, and everything you need to know about the penalties and defences of child-sex offences, including child abuse material, and ...continue reading

Complete Guide on the Working with Children’s Check Clearance Laws in NSW

Key Takeaway This is an outline on the legal process of how to get a Working With Children Check Clearance (WWCC) through an appeal to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) after your WWCC clearance has been cancelled or refused by the Children’s Guardian of NSW. What is a Working with Children Check? Am ...continue reading

Sexual Assault and Age of Consent Australia Laws Complete Guide NSW

This original article has been written and kept up-to-date by our experienced Sexual Assault lawyer Sydney. Key Takeaway Here we outline the age of consent laws in Australia; sexual assault, sexual act, sexual touching and harassment offences, defences and their penalties; the statutory rape laws in NSW; how alcohol or drugs affect a rape case, ...continue reading

Bestiality Offences, Penalties and the Law in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A warning to our readers: This news story contains graphic content. A South Australian man accused of bestiality offences after he sent videos of his family dogs licking his erect penis has revealed at his court hearing that he did so because he was “bored”. Ashley Scott Dennis, 30, appeared at the ...continue reading


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