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A man from NSW has been charged over a video of an 18-year-old Instagram influencer performing a sex act with a dog, which he shared across a number of social media platforms, including the vastly popular video-sharing network Tik Tok.

Earlier this year in June, an investigation was forced to commence after officers attached to Tuggerah Lakes Police District and the Mid North Coast Police District were alerted to a sickening video that depicted bestiality.

On 24 June, the officers raided a home in Argents Hill, west of Nambucca Heads, where they seized a number of USB devices and SD cards.

They also detained cannabis, a mobile phone and a laptop.

A 41-year-old man by the name of Tony Vidler was arrested later that day at the same Argents Hill home and taken to Macksville police station.

He was charged with bestiality, intentionally distributing an intimate image without consent and possess prohibited drug.

In NSW, bestiality, which is understood as the sexual penetration of an animal, is against the law.

The penalties for any such offence are substantial and include jail time, reflecting the seriousness of the crime.

According to section 79 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), a person is forbidden from performing an act of bestiality with any animal – a crime that carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail.

Meanwhile, it is  also a crime merely to attempt to have sex with an animal.

Any person who is caught doing so can be liable to a maximum penalty of five years in jail, as per section 80 of the same Act.


How Mr Vidler Threatened Teen to Sending Video with Animal After Meeting Her on Sugar Daddy Website

At the time of Mr Vidler’s arrest, the man spoke to Daily Mail Australia, denying the allegations directed at him.

He said he would defend himself in court.

It is understood that Mr Vidler, a fishing charter operator, met the teenager on a Sugar Daddy website, and according to police, the man allegedly gained access to a series of intimate videos of the woman in the midst of their conversations.

From here, it is alleged he threatened the teen that he would send the videos to her boyfriend and family, unless she sent him another one, this time with the animal.

After complying, the teen – who has 23,000 followers – soon discovered the video circulating on social media, leading her to defend herself and plead innocence on her Tik Tok page.

“First of all I am sorry to anyone who has seen the video and I’m sorry to anyone who knows me. Second of all I never did that for pleasure and I didn’t do it for money,” the teen wrote.

“There is actually a bigger story behind it but I’m not going to sit on Tik Tok and share my story.

“It’s an investigation with the police (and) although what I did was disgusting and wrong, I’m not getting in trouble for it and my dog won’t be getting taken off me.

“I am trying to move on with my life and I hope that made sense.”

Following her apology, the woman uploaded another video in which she mentioned a “bigger story” unravelling and claimed she had been blackmailed by someone.


Teen Had Been “Sent Money” For Her Initial Intimate Video and Did Not Seek Police Out of Fears She May Be Complicit with Fraud

As the teen reached out to her Tik Tok followers, she advised that she had been sent money for her initial intimate video and did not turn to police due to fear of fraud.

She relayed that at the outset, the man had made nasty threats that he would share with her friends and family the initial intimate video should she not send him the animal footage he had asked for.

“He was saying that if I don’t make the video he would send the other video to my boyfriend and to my Nan, and put it on a DVD in my Nan’s letterbox,” the teen claimed.

Following this, she revealed she had been “sent money” for the initial video and “did not think to go to the police” because of fears she may be complicit in fraud.

“I just thought that I would do it and that no one else would find out about it… and if I just made the video that it would just go away,” she said.

“If people are going to continue messaging on my stuff feel free to message me and I will call and talk about the full story.”

Tik Tok is a Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance.

It is used to create short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy and talent videos, generally ranging between three to 15 seconds, or short looping videos of three to 60 seconds.


Confusion from the Public as News of Man’s Charge Over Bestiality Video Surfaces

As news of the man’s bestiality charged reached news outlets, members of the public appeared confused as to the outcome.

A sentiment of perplexity seemed to permeate as questions arose as to why the woman avoided any charges for her act.

“Why was the man charged when the woman did the dog?”, one social media user commented on a post of the case shared by the North Coast Crime Facebook page.

Echoing the thought, another stated, “Woman has sex with dog, man gets arrested, sounds about right”.

Frustrated, one user commented, “Being arrested won’t fix her problem they need a one-way ticket to a medical institution and throw away the key…if they do this to animals, I’d seriously worry about kids in the area… Definitely a screw loose with these sickos!”

“Poor dog, how sad is this. Dogs are better than humans,” another wrote, offering sympathy to the dog that fell victim to the video.

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