The perfect result against all odds

Tayla Regan represented me and got me the perfect result against all odds.

The way she handled the entire process and had me in the loop with her way of making things work.

Couldn’t be more pleased.

100% will recommend to anyone who is looking for a lawyer.

All charges dropped

I am stunned by the result.

I have been to four lawyers before met with Jimmy and Tayla.

Very caring listening experience understanding lawyer and my result with this Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia and Jimmy was everything dropped no charge no criminal free man after 10 charges before God is good.

Thank you Jimmy and Tayla for great effort and hard work my case was complicated I know but good result.

The best outcome possible

Tayla Regan was the best lawyer we could have asked for.

She handled our case with an amazing attitude and worked tirelessly until she acheived the result we wanted.

Was the best outcome possible and couldnt be happier we chose Tayla Regan.

Could not have asked for a better lawyer.

Thank you.

Greatly appreciated

Living in WA I needed to find a Law firm and Lawyer to represent me in a Vexatious application in NSW.

They couldn’t act for me till I had transferred funds into trust and this occurred on the Friday before the Trial hearing date for Monday.

Fahim and CDLA worked through the weekend by phone and email and on Monday early AM and during breaks in the hearing to successfully oppose the set aside of the VRO and have costs granted in my favour also.

I greatly appreciated the efforts of Fahim and his team.

Helped me dramatically to achieve a section 10

Tayla Regan helped me dramatically to achieve a section 10.

She helped me gather all of the required material I needed for my case and also gathered a lot of information herself that helped the case.

She helped me all along the way and was very response to any questions I had for her.

She is also a very good person and was very kind and friendly.

I would highly recommend Tayla for anyone looking for a lawyer. 🙂

Very knowledgeable

Had no problems at all. Very knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to use this firm again.

Excellent advice for my situation

Thanks for the understanding and excellent advice for my situation and referring me to the appropriate people so I can get some resolutions.

You won’t be disappointed

My husband & I highly recommend the Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia team.

Fahim Khan handled our case very efficiently & professionally he was very clear with instructions. And very informative on specific legal terminology in the way we could understand. He is very professional and good at his job & very responsive on updates.

When needed please contact the team for any legal matters you may have.

Definitely recommend

Tayla was very helpful and amazing with providing more than enough information about my situation and I can’t thank her enough!

Definitely recommend Taylor for all clients who are pursing a lawyer.

I would highly recommend CDLA

I would highly recommend CDLA. They know what they are doing. I met with a lot of lawyers before CDLA but I finally decided to go with them.

Fahim was there to help me on my day of need. I believe him to be very knowledgeable. He is a very ethical person and gives you a very thorough advice of all the options available.

I was new to the law system and Fahim guided me through the process, with constant communication, transparency and detailed advice about my matter. Fahim is very hard working, always going over and beyond in preparing for the case. He explores all angles to get the best possible outcome.

Fahim is very professional and respectful at court. Yet he does not back down from a fight even when the court is against him. He always has the client’s best interests in his mind. When asked a question by the Magistrate, Fahim just does not provide one or two word response, he would submit in length and with persuasion. It is easy for anyone listening to him to come around to his point of view and understand his reasoning.

So when you are in trouble and need someone experienced, knowledgeable, persuasive and a fighter, CDLA is the place to go.

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