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Criminal Lawyers Wollongong

Going to Court? Call Our Award Winning Criminal Lawyers in Wollongong Today. Decades of Experience and High Success.

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Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia® are amongst Australia’s most respected, leading criminal lawyers in Wollongong. Our specialty is criminal & traffic law in-court legal representation across all courts.

Our Wollongong criminal lawyers & instructed barristers regularly appear at the Wollongong Local Court & District Courts, and are familiar with the Judges and Magistrates who preside there.

We have achieved success in all criminal & traffic matters for many years.

Some of our achievements include:

Over 200 five-star online reviews by our clients
Awarded ‘Three Best Rates Criminal Lawyers’ 2nd year running (by Three Best Rated 2021)
Awarded ‘Best Criminal Lawyers’ 2nd year running (by Best in Au 2021)
Awarded ‘Leading Specialist in Criminal Defence Law’ 2nd year running (by APAC Legal Awards 2021)
Awarded ‘Leading Specialist in Criminal Defence Law’ 2nd year running (by Global 100 Awards 2021)
Awarded ‘Complex Fraud Law Firm of the Year’ (by ACQ5 Global Law Awards 2021)
Awarded ‘Assaults Law Firm of the Year’ (by ACQ5 Global Law Awards 2021)


  • ★★★★★

    Alex was diligent, articulate with a high attention to detail. Thank you Alex!

    Alex Istifan was diligent and articulate as a criminal defence lawyer that I had the pleasure of working with and entrusting. His Impeccable expertise and ability to speak with confidence… By K from Sydney on 29/04/2022
  • ★★★★★

    I got a non conviction. Thank you Bashir!

    Thank you Bashir! You did a great job on my case and I could not have asked for more effort and passion into my case! I received a non conviction… By R.S.O. from Sydney on 02/05/2022
  • ★★★★★

    Ahmad got my common assault and AVO dismissed with ease thanks to his great attention to detail

    Senior lawyer Ahmad represented me for a common assault charge and AVO. He successfully pulled apart the prosecution case with ease. He got me the best possible result and the… By J.M. from Sydney on 06/04/2022


Our Wollongong criminal lawyers are a highly talented results-driven team of leading in-court advocates. We focus on providing a custom tailored, personalised service of the highest quality representation- at an affordable fixed fee.

Our established success as criminal & traffic law specialists is reflected in our awards, hundreds of 5-star online reviews & appearances on tv, talk-back radio, and leading newspapers for our expert legal insight.

Our proven track record of success includes:

Non-conviction sentence outcomes (section 10)
Countless ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts for jury trials and hearings
Getting serious charges dropped early through ongoing negotiations
Avoiding sentences of full-time imprisonment for serious offences
  • Over 40 Yearsof Experience
  • Proven SuccessAustralia-Wide
  • Experienced DefenceLawyer Gaurantee
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How to get to our criminal lawyers in Wollongong?

Our criminal lawyers in Wollongong are located at level 1, 1 Burelli St, Wollongong NSW 2500.

We are a short walk from the Wollongong Local and District Court house, and a stroll away from the Wollongong train station.

There is plenty of parking spots available in the area, including plenty of road side parking nearby.

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Wollongong?

The cost to be represented by a criminal lawyer in Wollongong Court varies from $300 to $800 per hour, or fixed fee between $1,650 to $5,500 per day in court, including all preparation, consults and advice. The cost will depend on your lawyers experience, how simple or complex your case is, and what stage your case is at. The fee will and should always be outlined during your first consult.

Do we offer affordable Fixed Fees?

We provide affordable fixed fees for criminal and traffic cases to give you peace of mind and some certainty.

Call us today to get a fixed fee quote. We offer a free first consultation, during which time one of our experienced lawyers will provide you with a fixed fee quote for your case before you make any decisions. This can be over the phone or in our office.

You can also check out our published fixed fees for criminal and traffic cases here.

We provide affordable fixed fees for almost all criminal and traffic cases, including bail applications, domestic violence assaults, AVOs, fraud, drug charges, sexual assaults, appeals and traffic charges, such as drink driving & negligent driving.

Do I have to write a good character and apology letter for court?

It is usually a good idea to prepare some good character letters and an apology letter for court if you are being sentenced. This can help convince the Judge or Magistrate to reduce your sentence penalty, which can help you avoid a criminal record, and in very serious cases it can avoid full-time imprisonment.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on good character letters.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on apology letters.

What’s the purpose of us being your criminal lawyers?

Our role as criminal lawyers is to stand by you and fight for you inside and outside the court room. We will maximise your chances of getting the best possible outcome by leaving no stone un-turned by the end of your case.

Our lawyers will:

  • Use their extensive knowledge, experience, team and resources to ensure your completely prepared for court.
  • Talk on your behalf and represent you in court, to maximise your chances at getting the best possible outcome.
  • Sit down with you & ensure you’re heard. This also means ensuring your evidence and version of what occurred is heard in court, in the most convincing, persuasive way.
  • We’ll make sure you’re kept updated at every step of the way in your case.
  • We’ll gather any necessary new evidence and issue subpoenas if required to prove your innocence.
  • We’ll carefully analyse the police evidence, pick out all the holes in it, and focus on negotiating with the prosecution to efforts to get your charge(s) dropped early.

Can I appeal?

You can appeal if you’re unhappy with your court outcome, especially if the Magistrate or Judge made a mistake, or if your case wasn’t prepared & presented well enough.

You have within 28-days to appeal a local court or district court decision. This time starts from the date you’re sentenced. Call us today to discuss your appeal options and prospects of success. We specialise in criminal appeals.

Can I negotiate with police to withdraw charges early?

Yes, you can negotiate with police to get charges dropped early, saving costly legal fees & stresses of having to go to court.

The chances of success depend on a case by case basis together with the strengths and weaknesses of the police evidence, and the timing of the negotiations. Our lawyers specialise in this. We can discuss this with you to provide you with a full case appraisal.

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