Fines for Unvaccinated Announced Amid NSW Opening Up

Poppy Morandin. New South Wales businesses could face fines of up to $5,000 for letting unvaccinated customers enter their premises, as the state begins to open up. With ‘Freedom Day’, having occurred on 11 October 2021, those who have received a double dose of a COVID-19 vaccination will be able to go shopping and go ...continue reading

The Offence and Penalties of Throwing Rocks at Vehicles in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A passenger has narrowly escaped injury after travelling on a Sydney train that had a large rock about the size of a basketball thrown at it. According to a statement from NSW Police, the incident took place around 3:45pm on Thursday 30 September 2021, during which time the train was making its ...continue reading

Child Sex Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A school teacher in the United States has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 14-year-old student in her car after naked photographs and explicit text messages were uncovered. Brittany Lopez-Murray, 31, who teaches drama at a Hialeah Middle Community School in Hialeah, Florida, was arrested on Saturday 2 October ...continue reading

Conjugal Prison Visits in Australia

Key Takeaways Conjugal prison visits in Australia are permitted only in the State of Victoria. Every other State and Territory do not allow conjugal visits. Here we explain the meaning of a Conjugal visit, whether it should be allowed in all prisons, and the rules of conjugal visits. The entire purpose of a conjugal visit ...continue reading

Using Poison to Inflict Grievous Bodily Harm or Endanger Life Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A Queensland man is facing a raft of charges after allegedly releasing a poisonous aerosol, its properties comparable to pepper spray, inside a Brisbane shopping centre. Queensland Police report that around 1.15pm on Saturday 19 June 2021, a 36-year-old man discharged the noxious aerosol substance, understood to be a poisonous cough mixture, ...continue reading

Obtaining Financial Advantage by Deception and Dishonesty Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

Poppy Morandin.   A religious leader from Sydney’s west has been charged following an investigation into alleged charity fraud of nearly $100,000. Officers from Campsie Police Area Command, alongside detectives attached to the State Crime Command’s Financial Crimes Squad commenced an investigation into the allegations earlier this year. During this time, they are reported to ...continue reading

Break and Enter Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

Poppy Morandin.   A 19-year-old man has been charged as part of an investigation into a criminal syndicate involved in the theft of vehicles across Sydney. In November 2020, detectives from the Financial Crime Squad’s Motor Unit established ‘Strike Force Swete’ to investigate alleged criminal syndicates involved in break-in offences across Sydney. During this investigation, ...continue reading

Can Police Require You to Disclose a Drivers’ Identity?

Poppy Morandin. A 46-year-old Sydney man has been charged after refusing to disclose who was behind the wheel of a Ferrari doing burnouts at a busy intersection in Sydney’s CBD. Officers from Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s Strike Force Puma commenced an investigation into the incident after receiving footage. The footage shows a line of ...continue reading

Making a Hoax Call to Emergency Services Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   When it comes to calling emergency services, as common sense dictates, the purpose of dialling for assistance is generally where there is a situation of distress and urgent help is required, whether that be from the police, fire services or the ambulance. Alas, for some people out there, common sense does not ...continue reading

Damaging Property by Fire Offences in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   People do the darnedest things. Take the case of a Wollongong woman who allegedly decided she would deliberately light her house on fire to destroy it and land herself a court attendance notice in the process. The 62-year-old woman is believed to have carried out the disturbing act back on Sunday 29 ...continue reading


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