Attribution of Criminal Responsibility in Federal Offences: Complicity in a Crime Part 4

How criminal responsibility for a federal offence you did not commit can be attributed to you in Australia. Click here for more…

Constructive Murder via Joint Criminal Enterprise: Complicity in a Crime Part 3

Here is how a person who doesn’t physically commit murder can still be guilty of it in NSW. Click here for more…

Accessory to a Crime: Complicity in a Crime Part 2

How a person who does not physically commit a crime bear the responsibility of guilt as an accessory in New South Wales. Click here for more…

Joint Criminal Enterprise: Complicity in a Crime Part 1

Can a person who did not physically commit a crime also be equally guilty of that crime in New South Wales?

Credit Card Theft and Jail Time in NSW

What are the penalties for stealing credit cards in New South Wales? Click here for more…

Obscene Exposure

74-year-old John Jeffs stood just about nude when he was sprung prodding the nozzle of his vacuum cleaner with his genitalia in public…

Stealing Dog Offences in New South Wales

A Sydney dog thief has avoided a conviction in court for stealing a dog, but has been slapped with a COVID fine for not wearing a mask…

What is Ritalin and Methylphenidate?

Is Methylphenidate or Ritalin legal in Australia? Click here for more on the legalities around possessing or selling Ritalin in Australia.

Is Lying on Your Tax Returns a Crime?

Lying on your tax returns can land you in prison and many thousands of dollars out of pocket across Australia. Click here for more…

Intimidation/Stalking Domestic Violence Offences

Domestic violence related intimidation/stalking incidents recorded by NSW Police have increased by 110% from 2012 to 2021 largely attributed by police’s change in attitude to domestic violence…


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