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It was far from a convivial day for a carnival worker who, for some out-of-this-world reason, allegedly decided he would go on a vegetable rampage at the very carnival he worked at, smashing all of the pumpkins he could find and smearing vegetables everywhere.

The incident at hand is reported to have taken place on 27 February 2020; the suspect believed to be a 25-year-old carnival worker (and quite possibly a vegetable thug).

NSW Police allege the man broke into the Inverell Show exhibition hall in regional New South Wales, and in a fit of rage, allegedly went on to smash pumpkins and smear various other vegetables that were part of the trade fair across the walls and floors.

Strangely, the man even ate some of the vegetables.


Inverell Show Organisers Discover Man Asleep Amongst the Smashed Pumpkins

In an odd turn of events, at around 7am on the morning of the show, members of the 150-year-old Inverell Show Society arrived at the showground and were shocked to discover the doors to the hall already open.

Upon entering the arena, they noticed the 25-year-old laying down inside the display area where the fresh produce had been demolished, much to the dismay of the pumpkin farmers who were part of the competition.

Evidently, the alleged offender had entered a food coma after his big feast, falling asleep while he remained surrounded by the rest of his vegetable carnage.

Officers from New England Police District were soon called to the scene.

The vegetable goon was then arrested and charged with break, enter and commit a serious indictable offence.

He later faced Inverell Local Court where he pleaded guilty to all charges. He was sentenced to 9-months Intensive Correction Order penalty.


NSW Police Force takes to Facebook to Inform of Smashing Pumpkins Incident; Post Quickly Goes Viral

The following evening, NSW Police Force released a statement to their Facebook page, notifying readers of the incident.

The post promptly went viral, with over 700 reactions, 1.9K comments and over 500 shares, indeed reflecting the case to be one of the most bizarre and baffling crimes the public has seen in a while.

In typical Australian fashion, users on social media did not hesitate to make light of the situation.

“Was it Peter? You know Peter. Peter Pumpkin eater? Was it him? Was it?” one user commented.

“Must have been a very angry Vegan,” another person jested.

One social media user admitted that they shouldn’t be laughing at the crime but they “cannot stop”.

“He probably went to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins…” another online user bantered.

Indeed, as side-splitting as this story may be, the news was certainly heartbreaking for the pumpkin farmers involved.

Farmers toil endlessly to grow their prize-winning crops, and sadly, the offender’s actions saw this dedication go to waste.

Legal Information on Break & Enter & Commit Serious Indictable Offence Charges in NSW

 There is a maximum penalty of 14-years imprisonment prescribed by section 112(1) Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) for breaking and entering into any dwelling-house or building and committing a serious indictable offence inside.

Click here for a more thorough outline on the law of breaking and entering and committing a serious indictable offence.

It is equally are crime to be inside a dwelling-house or building where you commit a serious indictable offence inside before breaking out. The maximum penalty is the same under the same law.

A serious indictable offence includes an offence carrying at least a 5-year maximum jail sentence, such as a larceny or stealing offence.

Defences to charges of breaking and entering and committing a serious indictable offence includes, duress or necessity, or where consent was given to break in or out.

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On a departing note, here at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, we don’t believe this is what The Smashing Pumpkins meant when they created their rock band. i.e. Please don’t go smashing anybody’s pumpkins.

Published on 03/05/2020

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