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The Law on Stealing A Motor Vehicle or Vessel In NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   ‘Tis the season of giving – a time when people are kinder and more generous to one another, and when the spirit of Christmas guides us towards giving without a thought of getting, especially when it comes to the less fortunate. Well, at least for some of us. ...continue reading

Penalties for Assaulting Aircraft Crew on Board of an Aircraft

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   Over the past several years, the incidence of unruly airline passengers – those whose demeanour or behaviour fail to comply with cabin crew directions – has increased considerably. According to the International Air Transport Association, between 2007 and 2016, there were over 58,000 incidents of unruly passengers reported ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Throwing Rocks or Other Objects at Vehicles or Vessels in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   It was a lucky escape for truck driver Andrew Martin who just about cheated death after three teenagers pelted a 12-kilogram rock from an overpass onto a highway in Melbourne’s west on Sunday, narrowly missing him. On the afternoon of 25 November, Mr Martin was driving his truck ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Damaging or Desecrating Protected Places in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   In the early hours of Sunday 25 November 2018, a 20-year-old man allegedly climbed on top of the Martin Place Cenotaph, committing an offensive act on a war memorial. According to NSW Police, at about 3am, it is alleged that the man entered the commemorative site and then ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Racial Discrimination in Australia

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   From complaints about Aboriginals being called a “black c**t” to claims that Jewish people who are offended by Holocaust denial are of “limited intelligence”, the Racial Discrimination Act has witnessed a long and checkered history. While some cases have governed against remarks of racial hatred, many complaints associated ...continue reading

The Extent of Force Police Can Use in Response to a Declared Terrorist Act in NSW

By Joel Reines and Jimmy Singh.   Should we allow police to do what judges can’t in Australia by giving terrorist suspects an immediate death sentence? Ensuring public safety has always been a key duty of all Australian police officers, yet the specifics of what this entails was never shown more vividly then it was ...continue reading

What are the Penalties for Smuggling Contraband into a NSW Prison?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   Desperate times call for desperate measures, and there’s no denying that in the confines of a prison where creature comforts are at best imagined, the temptation to have prohibited goods in the palm of your hand is probably all too real. But sometimes, you just have to question: ...continue reading

Understanding the Law on Suicide in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   Last week, a religious fanatic from Queensland who convinced his wife to end her life so he could access her $1.4 million life insurance was sentenced to jail for 10-years in a world-first legal conviction. Graham Robert Morant was found guilty on the charges of counselling suicide and ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Arson Offences in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   There’s no denying that absolutely no one enjoys getting caught by a speed camera, let alone copping the hefty fine that comes with it. Other than being a real downer to your wallet, speeding also puts people’s lives at risk, sometimes even killing them. So, it’s probably a ...continue reading

The Law on Using a Carriage Service to Offend, Menace or Harass in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   It’s not every day that you hear of police officers engaging in misbehaviour and abusing their position of power in an improper or illegal act. It is equally puzzling to consider what exactly enables some officers to engage in despicable behaviour when the majority of their peers conduct ...continue reading


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