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Our 18-year-old client was charged with supplying prohibited drugs of more than indictable and less than commercial quantity with 15 bags of cocaine. He was working as a dial-a-dealer in his car when in Sydney CBD, he was stopped and arrested by police, who searched his car and found the drugs and money which resulted in a further charge of dealing with proceeds of crime.

Following his arrest and charge, our client was released on bail and contacted our Sydney CDLA office when he was immediately put through to speaking with our criminal defence lawyer Leiming for advice and representation.

Our Leiming, negotiated the police facts sheet and charges with the prosecution before appearing in front of the Magistrate at the Downing Centre Court for sentence after pleading guilty to both counts of the offences which entitled our client to preserve his early plea discount on sentence thus reducing the sentence further.

When appearing in front of the Magistrate in court, our Leiming also had prepared for weeks leading up to this sentence for her client by also producing to the court a powerful psychologist report to support her client’s subjective case. This allowed the court to even further reduce the penalty.

Thanks to Leiming’s sheer hard work and determination in getting her client the best possible outcome, the Local Court Magistrate agreed to not impose a criminal conviction against our client, and instead sentenced her client to a section 10 conditional release order with a two year good behaviour bond period for the drug supply offence, and also imposed a section 10 with a 6 months good behaviour bond period for the proceeds of crime (cash) offence.

This was indeed an amazing outcome, and one that is extremely hard to achieve for two offences that were very serious. Our client was able to continue his life without the mark of having a criminal record thanks to our Leiming tremendous determination and court room advocacy.

Published on 22/04/2024

AUTHOR Jimmy Singh

Mr. Jimmy Singh is the Principal Lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia - Leading Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, Delivering Exceptional Results in all Australian Criminal Courts.

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