Drug Offences

Is Modafinil Legal in Australia?

Modafinil, also called the “smart drug”, has many benefits and side effects. But is it legal across Australia? Click here for more…

Is Vaping Illegal in Australia?

Is it Legal to import, purchase, or sell nicotine vapes in Australia? This article outlines the laws on e-liquid and electronic cigarettes.

What is a Drug Supply Prohibition Order in New South Wales?

This article outlines the law on the new drug supply prohibition orders in New South Wales. It applies to convicted drug dealers.

Is Kratom Legal in Australia?

What is Kratom and is it illegal in Australia? This article outlines the law and penalties of possessing or supplying Kratom in Australia.

Top 10 Famous Criminal Cases In Australia

Arguably Australia’s top 10 worst crimes in history. Click here for more…


When faced with a criminal charge, the first common question is “should I plead guilty or not guilty?”. Here's why you should speak to a criminal lawyer first...


Here is a quick guide by our criminal lawyers Sydney team on how to keep legal costs down in criminal cases. Click here for more…

What is a Criminal Lawyers’ Role?

What happens when a criminal lawyer comes across a client who confesses guilt but maintains a plea of ‘not guilty’? “I did It, but I want you to defend me”.

Cultivate Prohibited Plants Charges & Cannabis Laws NSW Complete Guide

Cultivating plants or by enhanced indoor means for commercial purpose carry heavy sentences. Click here for more on drug cultivation penalties in NSW, defences & marijuana growing license laws in Australia...

Drug Manufacturing, Importation & Drug Premises Charges NSW Complete Guide

Importation of drugs, manufacturing drugs & drug premises carry severe maximum penalties. Click here for more on their sentencing guidelines, common defences & what the law says...


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