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The Parramatta Local Court and the History of Parramatta

Why is Parramatta the Next Big City? Parramatta is about 23km away from Sydney’s central business district. The estimated residential population of Parramatta is around 243,000 people, while Sydney’s estimated metropolitan population is about 5 million. There are plans to be able to transport people between Parramatta and CBD Sydney more efficiently by creating a ...continue reading

The Penalties for Animal Cruelty in NSW

  A 26-year-old father from WA, Luke Dempster was charged and convicted after pleading guilty to a number of animal cruelty offences, common assault charges, possession of prohibited drugs, drug paraphernalia and discharging a firearm to cause fear. Earlier in the year, he tortured a chicken and two kangaroos. It is reported that on one ...continue reading

What are the Restrictions on Using ‘Protected Titles’ and Performing ‘Restricted Acts’ in the Health Profession?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   The impersonation of medical professionals is a modern phenomenon and equally a disconcerting development. Indeed, given the present social status and salaries of medical practitioners, it’s unsurprising to see why some people aspire to be doctors, dentists or other medical experts. And yet, with a road ahead of ...continue reading

Penalties for Persistent Sexual Abuse of Children Offences in NSW

  In an effort to place the safety of our children first, the laws are required to be updated as we gain more insight into community expectations and needs. Attorney-General Mark Speakman has outlined some of the new laws to be introduced into NSW to protect our children. It is reported that there is force ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Damaging or Desecrating Aboriginal Places & Objects in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   Aboriginal sites are a significant and meaningful part of Australia’s cultural heritage. Indeed, Aboriginal communities have been living in Australia for at least 60,000 years, and much of their traditional culture has subsisted through such various landscapes, many of which hold physical depictions of Aboriginal history, including rock ...continue reading

The Penalties for Impersonating a Police Officer in NSW

  A respected public servant who’s role as a manager in Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller’s office has been charged for impersonating a police officer. It is reported that on Tuesday night, the 40-year-old manager attended a nightclub in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, the ‘Arq’, when he allegedly passed himself off as an undercover police officer to the ...continue reading

The Law on the Honest and Reasonable Mistake of Fact Defence

  Before outlining the honest and reasonable mistake of fact defence, it is important to get a general understanding of ‘absolute liability offences’ and ‘strict liability offences’. Absolute Liability Offences An absolute liability offence is any offence which there is no requirement to have a guilty mind (‘mens rea’) at the time of committing the ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Mid-Range Drink Driving in NSW

  New South Wales Police did almost 5 million road side breath tests just last year. New drink driving laws were announced earlier this year, effectively introducing on-the-spot fines of $561 (penalty notice) and immediate 3-month licence suspensions to anyone caught drink driving with a low-range concentration of alcohol in the breath or blood. A ...continue reading

What are the Penalties and Defences for High-Range Drink Driving Charges?

  Primary School Teacher Charged for High-Range Drink Driving on 8 February 2018, a primary school teacher was charged for high-range drink driving when Kelly Littlejohn aged 40, allegedly returned a reading of 6 times the limit- 0.306. The primary school teacher from Caringbah was driving after having attended a parent teacher night. Police allege ...continue reading

Penalties for Using or Possessing a Blow-Pipe that is Capable of Projecting a Dart in NSW

  At about 7pm last Saturday night, a 15-year-old teenage girl, along with her friends, were walking along on a road in Cessnock, NSW when a teenager carrying a pipe with a homemade dart reportedly “leaned out of a vehicle window with a pipe and blew the dart into the girl’s face”. A 17-year-old teenager ...continue reading


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