Liverpool Local Court | Liverpool Police Station

Going to Liverpool court? If you’ve been charged by police, you’ll be required to attend Liverpool court house to face the charge(s) in court.

Liverpool Court is situated in the greater western Sydney suburb of Liverpool, NSW. It’s about 30km away from Sydney CBD.

The Liverpool Local Court is situated right next to the Liverpool police station, and within walking distance from the Liverpool train station and Liverpool Westfields shopping centre. The court building has a number of court rooms with each room having its own presiding Magistrate who hear all criminal and traffic cases, including bail applications.

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Going to Liverpool Court?

Liverpool court house has multiple court rooms inside the building. Each court room comprises of its own presiding Magistrate or Judge who hear the day-to-day criminal and traffic cases.

The Liverpool court house building opens at 9am. However, the court rooms inside the building don’t open until 9:30am when the Magistrates first start hearing cases.


Liverpool Local Court Contact Details

Liverpool local court address 150 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170
Liverpool Local Court Postal address PO Box 3435, Liverpool Westfields NSW 2170
Liverpool local court operating hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm
Liverpool local court phone number T: 1300 679 272 | fax: (02) 9821 7888
Liverpool Local Court email
Liverpool court website

The Liverpool court also has a Justice of the Peace service in the court building.

The Liverpool court house is located a short walk away from the Westfields shopping centre.

While there is usually available parking around and near the Liverpool court house, the Liverpool Westfields shopping centre carpark also has ample parking.

You can get to the Liverpool Court by various methods, including:

  • By car. Liverpool court is about 30km from Sydney CBD.
  • By bus. There is multiple bus services around the Liverpool court house, including the Liverpool train station area.
  • By train. Liverpool train station is located only minutes-walk from the Liverpool court house and Westfields shopping centre.

Liverpool Police Station

Liverpool Police Station Address 148 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170
Liverpool Police Station Postal address Same as above
Liverpool Police Station opening hours 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
Liverpool Police Station phone number T: (02) 9765 9499 | fax: (02) 9765 9411
Liverpool Police Station website

Before talking to police, know your legal rights. Do not risk it.

If you’re going to Liverpool police station to be questioned or charged. Call us first. Our experienced team are available 24/7 on our urgent legal hotline (02) 8606 2218.


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