Criminal and Traffic Lawyers Camden Local Court

The Camden Local Court is situated close to the Camden police station and train station. The court consists of a Presiding Magistrate who hears all criminal and traffic cases, including:

  • AVO, sexual assault, common assault, child abuse material, and indecent assault charges
  • Drink driving, drug driving, drive while disqualified charges
  • Supply prohibited drugs, possess prohibited drugs, and cultivate charges
  • All firearms, larceny and fraud charges
  • Bail applications, Section 32 hearings, committal hearings, defended hearings, and sentences

The experienced team at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia consists of Sydney’s leading senior criminal and traffic defence lawyers who specialise in those charges. They appear at the Camden Local Court, and hold over 20 years experience and proven success in getting charges dropped early, not guilty verdicts and s10 dismissals on countless occasions.

Their senior lawyers are available 24/7, offer free first consultations and fixed fees for most cases.


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