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Criminal Lawyers Wollongong Office | Personalised Service | 98% Success

Going to Court? It’s not worth risking it, speak to one of our award-winning Wollongong criminal & traffic lawyers for a FREE Consult & FIXED Fees today.

Why do people choose us, more than any other Wollongong criminal law firm? We provide high-quality affordable legal representation, with a personalised service from a guaranteed experienced criminal lawyer.

We’ve been rated & awarded as:

  • ‘Three Best Rated Criminal Lawyers’ by ‘Three Best Rated’
  • ‘Best Criminal Lawyers’ by ‘Best in Australia’
  • Over 100 five-star online reviews voluntarily written by our clients

Our Wollongong lawyers regularly appear and instruct our criminal barristers in the Wollongong Courts, with familiarity with Judges and Magistrates who preside there.

Our Wollongong office is situated a short walk from the Wollongong Courts, and the train station.

Our Wollongong based criminal lawyers are a results-driven team, holding a proven track record of success across all serious criminal and traffic cases. This is also reflected in our awards, highest quality ratings, tv, radio and newspaper appearances for our legal insight.

We have achieved high success for over two-decades in:

  • Not Guilty verdicts in jury trials and hearings
  • Negotiating with police to get charges withdrawn early
  • Achieving non-conviction sentences under section 10
  • Achieving sentences that avoids jail in serious crime offence

What to expect from our Wollongong criminal lawyers?

  • A FREE 1st CONSULTATION. You will be provided with a free initial consult with our award-winning criminal & traffic lawyers. This will include legal advice, case analysis and the likely outcome scenarios.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY REPRESENTATION. We’ve achieved awards and outstanding recognitions over the years, with a proven track record of success across all criminal & traffic charges. This makes us leaders in criminal and traffic law in the nation, which provides our clients with a peace of mind knowing that they are being represented by the best.
  • FIXED FEES. You will be provided with a fixed fee quote by our lawyers during your first free consultation. This transparency reduces the stresses of legal fees.
  • WE DO ALL THE TALKING FOR YOU. Our criminal lawyers & instructed barristers will talk on your behalf to the court, Judges, police and any other parties involved. We’ll also obtain all necessary paperwork and evidence from police.
  • UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS. Hard work pays off by way of getting results. Our job includes making sure your case is fully prepared before a court, and this will involve having as many consultations with you as necessary to get the job successfully done.
  • REGULAR UPDATED AND COMMUNICATION. There will be direct contact between you and our lawyers. You’ll be provided with regular updates, advice and guidance. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your defence team is working hard on your case.
  • FOCUS ON GETTING CHARGES DROPPED EARLY. Our defence team will work hard to negotiate with police to try to get your charges withdrawn or downgraded early. This is our specialty, and we’ve been very successful in doing this for over two decades.
  • COMPLETE GUIDANCE. You will be guided on every legal aspect of your case. This includes how to dress and behave in court.

Our Areas of Specialisation in Criminal & Traffic Law include:

  • Serious drug charges, drug possession, drug supply, drug importation and cultivation charges.
  • All traffic charges, drink driving, drug driving, negligent driving, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and RMS licence appeals.
  • Complex and serious fraud charges.
  • Larceny charges, and mental health applications.
  • Firearms charges and Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs).
  • Complex sex offence charges, including sexual assault, indecent assault, child abuse material and child sex charges.
  • Serious assault charges, including wounding, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm or actual bodily harm, common assault, murder and manslaughter charges.
  • All serious and complex Appeals in the Local, District, Supreme and High Court.
  • Complex bail applications across all Local and Supreme Courts.
  • Complex jury trials, defended hearings and all sentences.

Do not risk your future, contact our 24/7 legal hotline (02) 8606 2218 today.