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A man from West Yorkshire in England who engaged in sexual intercourse with his pet chickens has had his jail sentence reduced after senior judges determined his original ruling was too long.

In October last year, father of four, Rehan Baig, was jailed for three years after he confessed that he had sex with his pet chickens.

Footage of the 37-year-old penetrating the birds – which died as a result – was discovered on computer equipment in the man’s Bradford home, thanks to a tip-off.

It is understood Mr Baig’s wife captured the footage of him, which was saved under the file name “Family Vids”.

Some of the recordings included the man penetrating one of the dead animals and sexually abusing a dog.

The computer equipment containing the videos was seized from the man’s home, on which images of children portraying indecent acts were also found.

This included a total of 49 indecent images of children, while some of these concerned children as young as six.

Officers also uncovered a significant number of extreme pornographic images.


Court Hears Man Alternated Between Having Sex with Pet Chickens and his Wife

Following the findings, Mr Baig faced Bradford Court Crown where it was heard that the father had on one occasion even alternated between having sex with the pet chickens and his wife.

In fact, according to Prosecutor Abigail Langford, it was clear Mrs Baig was also involved in the horrific acts with the defenceless birds.

Describing some of the footage, in which Mrs Baig is depicted, Prosecutor Langford said, “Having viewed the videos it is clear they are filmed in the cellar area of the property.

“She is heard to make sexual encouraging remarks towards the defendant and engages in sexual intercourse with him.

“During the course of these incidents she was a willing participant.”

Ultimately, Mrs Baig pleaded guilty to three aiding and abetting counts – something she said was the result of a background of coercive and controlling conduct by her husband.

She was not given a jail sentence.

Mr Baig, on the other hand, was sentenced to three years in jail, his offences including engaging in sexual intercourse with the animals, possessing extreme pornographic images, producing indecent photographs of children, and possessing cocaine.

He was also banned from owning livestock as pets in the future.


January 2021: Mr Baig’s Sentence Reduced After Original Term Deemed Too Long

Nevertheless, in January 2021, at the Court of Appeal in London, the man’s sentence was reduced to two years and four months following the decision of two senior judges who concluded that his original term was too lengthy.

Moreover, in a bewildering backtrack, despite the man’s acts against the chickens, which were described as “depraved” and “perverted” by Judge Richard Mansell QC, he was not charged with any animal cruelty offences, meaning the lifetime livestock ban was lifted.

Speaking of the legal technicality, Judge Mansell said, “I have no power to prohibit him from keeping any animal”.

Judge Mansell acknowledged the “home movies” of Mr Baig having sex with the chickens were “simply beyond comprehension” and would make right-thinking people “sick to the stomach”.

“The pain and suffering you inflicted on these animals must have been horrific,” he said.

Mr Baig was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

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Bestiality Offences in NSW

Bestiality is the term used to describe sexual activity between a person and an animal, which includes the sexual penetration of an animal.

This differs from its modern synonym, zoophilia, which defines a person who is sexually aroused or has erotic feelings towards an animal.

While bestiality is not a commonly reported form of animal cruelty, its occurrence is not as rare as once thought and the act remains an offence.

In NSW, the penalties for having sexual intercourse with an animal are substantial, and this reflects the seriousness of the crime.

Specifically, according to section 79 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), there is a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail for any person who commits an act of bestiality with any animal.

Additionally, section 80 of the same Act also references that an offence takes place if any person merely attempts to have sex with an animal, for which the maximum penalty is five years in jail.

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Published on 13/02/2021

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