Break Enter And Steal Offences in NSW: Two Men Steal “Kitty” the Life-Sized Sex Doll from Melbourne Adult

Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.


It’s a sad day for the sex doll world with “Kitty” the life-sized toy now missing after she was stolen from a Melbourne store.

9News reports that in the early hours of 26 January 2021, two men armed with a pole smashed their way into Melbourne sex shop, Sexyland, and grabbed Kitty.

The lifelike doll, which spans 168cm, is believed to sell for up to $4,500.

During the robbery, the duo also pilfered various vibrators, totalling to an amount worth around $10,000.

At about 2:45am, the thieves absconded from the Airport West sex shop.

However, as they fled the scene gripping tightly onto Kitty, sadly, amongst the commotion of getting back to the carpark, her head suddenly fell off.

The two men simply jumped into their white Ford Ranger ute, of which the number plates were stolen, and drove away.

Police are continuing their search for the two men, while anyone with any information surrounding the incident are being encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Theft of Headless Kitty Stimulates Banter from Public as News of Sexyland Robbery Reaches Social Media

As one might expect, such a bizarre incident was quick to spark banter from members of the public as news of Kitty’s disappearance was shared to social media.

In one post shared to Facebook by I Wake Up With Today, users indulged in the humour of the story.

“Hope she’s in safe hands poor girl hate to think what she’s going through now,” one person commented of Kitty’s lost head.

“Well at least they got a Valentine date. But she won’t be able to eat any chocolate,” another wrote.

“Police have several suspects in custody and are pumping them for information… Police expect to charge them with the offence of Possess Swollen Goods,” one person jested, the banter backed by another who returned with, “Maybe they were worried she’d talk”.

Another advised the community to, “Be on the lookout for hardened criminals”, while one person suggested, “There has to be a Royal Commission into this matter”.


Not the First Time Sexyland Has Fallen Victim to Theft

Unfortunately, this incident does not mark the first time Sexyland has fallen victim to desperate robbers.

In 2020, another Sexyland store in Keysborough had over $1,200 worth of products stolen from it.

In fact, amidst the COVID pandemic, theft from adult entertainment stores has become increasingly common.

Similarly, so too has the demand soared for sex dolls like Kitty and related toys.

In November last year, cricket legend Shane Warne was reported to have been spotted on a mid-morning trip to a Sexyland store in Melbourne.

The 51-year-old had just completed his mandatory two-week quarantine and seemed sprightly as he exited the adult shop in Moorabbin carrying a bag crammed with items to take home.

Sexyland is an Australian, family-owned retailer of adult toys, lingerie and other fun novelties.

It has been in operation since the year 2000.

The company’s website greets, “Whether you’re shopping online or interested in browsing one of our shop locations, we have the products to fulfil all your romance needs and the expertise to assist you in making the right purchase. Our friendly team of ‘Fun Specialists’ are always eager to help”.

Break Enter And Steal Offences in NSW

Whether you’re after a life-sized sex doll or something more subtle, your best bet is to simply purchase it rather than stealing it.

Other than the fact that running away carrying a stolen doll the size of a human is incredibly noticeable, breaking into a house or premises and stealing property is a crime.

In NSW, this is outlined in section 112 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), which states that any person who breaks and enters any dwelling-house or other building and commits any serious indictable offence therein – which includes larceny – or being in any dwelling-house or other building commits any serious indictable offence and breaks out of the dwelling-house or other building, is guilty of an offence.

The maximum penalty for a break, enter and steal offence is up to 14 years in jail.

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