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It is reported that in January Brisbane Broncos star Payne Haas intimidated two police officers during a drunken foul-mouthed tirade on the streets of Tweed Heads, northern NSW.

The 22-year-old NSW Origin forward was also charged with using offensive language.

While the offensive language charge was withdrawn by the prosecution, Haas was sentenced after pleading guilty to the two charges of intimidating police.

According to the police facts, the court heard that on 16 January, as Haas was approached by 2 police officers at the Jack Evans Boat Harbour on Boundary St at about 10pm, he became aggressive towards police.

When approached by police he was requested for ID.

He is reported saying, “F%&k the ID, I don’t need to give you ID.”

“You got a badge on you and you think you’re a f*&king tough c%&t. You put my family in jail you c&%ts.”

“Don’t come near me bro, I’ll f*&king jab ya, on my mother’s life I will.”

“Get the f&*k out of here bro, get the f*&k out of my face or I’ll take all of you on myself you f&*kwits.”

When he turned his eyes at the other police officer, he said, “Why you looking at me like that? Cause you’re a woman? Cause you’re a woman and you think that I won’t touch ya?”

Haas was then immediately arrested for intimidating police.

When Haas appeared at the Tweed Heads Local Court last Thursday, he requested the court not to impose a criminal record against his name for both charges given his young age, and the fact that he will now be subjected to further punishment from the NRL.

Haas, in court expressed his remorse and regret for his actions. The court heard that “He’s learned his lesson, he’s been completely shattered because of this.”

The court was also told that the events leading up to this incident was largely contributed by the death of his brother last year, and his struggle with the grief.

Local Court Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy sentenced Haas without a criminal record under a Conditional Release Order non conviction. He is placed on a two year good behaviour bond period.

Following the sentence, Haas has said, “I have gone to see the police officers involved and offered them a full apology for my conduct, as well as pending time with police going through what I did.”

“I had been drinking and the words I used and the way I acted were totally unacceptable. I’d like to thank the police for taking the time to see me, and accepting my apology.”

“I did the wrong thing and let myself down as well as my family and the Club- but most importantly, I acted in a way that showed disrespect to the police, and I am really sorry for that…. I will learn from this incident and I will be a better person in the future.”

The offence of intimidating police, or assaulting police where no actual bodily harm results carries up to 5-years imprisonment in NSW, according to section 60(1) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW).

Published on 07/02/2021

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