The Offence and Penalties of Throwing Rocks at Vehicles in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A passenger has narrowly escaped injury after travelling on a Sydney train that had a large rock about the size of a basketball thrown at it. According to a statement from NSW Police, the incident took place around 3:45pm on Thursday 30 September 2021, during which time the train was making its ...continue reading

The Penalties for Common Assault in NSW

Poppy Morandin.   A 39-year-old woman has been charged after allegedly coughing directly in the face of a female Senior Constable, in New South Wales’s Murray River region. At around 10:30pm at night on Tuesday 24 August 2021, officers attended a home in Deniliquin to conduct a welfare check. Upon arrival at the residence, it ...continue reading

NSW Prisons Locked Down Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Poppy Morandin. The NSW prison system is currently under a state-wide lockdown after outbreaks of covid-19 have occurred among staff and inmates. Authorities are currently seeking to address the issue with rapid antigen testing and vaccinations. As of a couple of weeks ago, 21 per cent of NSW prisoners in government-run facilities had been fully ...continue reading

A Simple Guide on Parole and Imprisonment Sentences in NSW

Jimmy Singh and Poppy Morandin.   Mohammed Skaf, who was jailed over a series of gang rapes on women and girls in the lead up to the Sydney Olympics, is set to be released on parole. Skaf was only 17 when he and a group of at least 14 other men, including his older brother ...continue reading

Riot Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

Poppy Morandin.   A group of prisoners in Queensland have been sentenced following their involvement in a riot in April 2020, which necessitated thousands of dollars in repairs. The group armed themselves with smashed glass, broken chairs, and racquets. The unrest at the high-security Queensland prison was caused by measures enforced due to the spread ...continue reading

Conveying False Information that a Person or Property is in Danger Offences in NSW

Poppy Morandin.   An Illawarra man has taken “chucking a sickie” to another level, after allegedly claiming he had COVID-19 to avoid going to work. At around 4:15am in the morning, the 23-year-old allegedly sent a text message to his employer which stated that he had contracted COVID-19 and was unable to go to work ...continue reading

Harass, Menace or Offend Using Carriage Services Offences

Poppy Morandin.   Players from the Brisbane Broncos and Canterbury Bulldogs have been the latest to come forward regarding online abuse after receiving a barrage of insulting messages. Jordan Riki and Tesi Niu, of the Brisbane Broncos, posted screenshots of their inboxes after their team’s 28-20 defeat at Suncorp Stadium to the Newcastle Knights. Riki’s ...continue reading

Spent Convictions and Background Checks

Key Takeaway Can a criminal record be cleared in Australia? Yes, a criminal record can be cleared in Australia if the crime-free period for certain criminal offences is complete. If so, the conviction will then be considered ‘spent’, and it will no longer form part of a person’s criminal record, subject to exceptions under the ...continue reading

Recklessly Causing Grievous Bodily Harm in NSW

Sahar Adatia.   A warning to our readers: This post contains some pretty gruesome information. A man in the United States is facing a prison sentence after attempting to perform a DIY-castration at home on a chap he met on the fetish website Gary Jon Vanryswyk, a 76-year-old Florida pensioner, carried out the castration ...continue reading

Police Assault Offences in NSW

Sahar Adatia. Image credit: Petar B photography.   Five men caught having a house party in Sydney’s west during the current COVID-19 lockdown have been charged with assaulting police after they attacked officers who attempted to shut down the gathering. Around 4:10pm on Saturday 31 July 2021, police attended a home on Unicombe Crescent in ...continue reading


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