Police made to pay our client’s legal fees for domestic violence hearing day in court

Our 28-year-old client who works as a social worker was charged by the police for charges of common assault, damage property and an AVO domestic violence related.

He was served with a Court Attendance Notice requiring to appear at the Newcastle Local Court.

When he attended our office, he was met by our criminal defence lawyer Ahmad Faraj who provided him with through advice and guidance right from the get go.

Ahmad thoroughly prepared the case, and after analysing the police evidence, he found significant inconsistencies which damaged the prosecution case. Initially, police relied on only what the alleged victim said, but on the morning of the hearing when it was crunch time the police tried to sneak in a new statement from a new witness who should have been approached by police much earlier but wasn’t until the last minute.

Recognising the unfair tactic the police were trying to use in ambushing the defence case in order to try to convict our client, our Ahmad Faraj stood up to and fiercely defended our client rights. He successfully convinced the Magistrate to make the police pay for our client’s legal costs as a result of the unfairness for the sum of over $3,000.

Getting costs in criminal cases is usually very difficult compared to civil proceedings. Ahmad was not going to let the police get away with it. Our client was able to be reimbursed for his legal fees for the hearing.


  What Our Clients Say

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