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Our 23-year-old client from Victoria is an important member of the Muslim community who leads prayers at Mosques. He was requested to attend a Mosque in Wollongong to lead the prayers for commencement of Ramadan.

Our client drove to NSW from Victoria with his little brother. When he reached Wollongong for the prayer, he ended up getting into an argument with some people there and instead of staying in Wollongong, he decided to leave to go back home to Victoria.

On his way driving back, our client’s brother contacted their mother to tell express his concerns for our client following the earlier argument.

At nearly 5am, a witness saw our client’s vehicle involved in a crash. Police were immediately contacted who attended the crash scene.

When police arrived, our client was on the ground outside of the vehicle, seriously injured. His younger brother was found dead inside the vehicle with his head detached from the rest of his body.

Police charged our client with dangerous driving occasioning death and negligent driving occasioning death. These are extremely serious charges.

The police refused and opposed bail. As a result he remained in custody until CDLA were contacted by his family to represent him and urgently make a bail application.

Our senior lawyer Ahmad Faraj immediately began preparing a strong bail application. Ahmad worked tirelessly in the preparation of the bail hearing listed before the Picton Local Court.

Ahmad managed to carefully analyse the prosecution case and persuasively point out all the weaknesses apparent in the police evidence before the Local Court Magistrate.

The Court eventually agreed and granted bail to our client. In what would ordinarily be considered a difficult and complex bail application which court normally refuse, we managed to get bail granted.


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