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Our 28-year-old client works as a tutor and excelled at his profession. He holds two degrees and an honours degree in his field of study. All his hard work was put to a halt when he was arrested by police who charged our client with possessing restricted poison/therapeutic substances in a public train. He was required to appear before the Sutherland Local Court to face the charges.

Our client immediately contacted Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia and upon contacting us he was directed to speak with our criminal defence lawyer Alex Istifan. From the initial consultation, our Alex provided him with a clear plan with prompt advice and guidance.

Our Alex explained all the options he had available for him, and after explaining all the pros and cons of each avenue, he decided to plea guilty to the charges and try to get a section 10 non conviction sentence. He knew that getting a criminal record would be very detrimental to his career and job.

After continuous preparation and planning, our Alex attended the Sutherland Court with our client. By this stage, all paperwork and evidence had been meticulously prepared by Alex.

When it came to appearing before the Magistrate in the court room, our client was quietly seated while our Alex gave very persuasive and strong submissions. Because all the submissions and arguments made by Alex was backed with the right evidence, the Magistrate was in the end persuaded to not convict our client.

In the result, our client was sentenced without a criminal record under section 10. This meant that our client also received no fine.

This allowed our client to resume his life and continue doing what he loved without having to be burdened by the existence of a criminal conviction on his record. A job very well done thanks to our Alex’s insight and expertise in drug cases and familiarity with the Magistrates and courts.

Published on 02/05/2022

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