Domestic assault and AVO charges all dismissed at the Downing Centre Court

Our 33-year old client is a sole trader from Sydney. For years, he has had issued with his uncle in the context that our client is the financial manager for his nan who suffers dementia and lives in an aged care centre. Our client covers all her fees and needs. The uncle wasn’t happy with this and as a result, our client and his uncle has had issues for years.

The uncle has made prior attempts at making false claims against our client to police. Due to the lack of evidence, our client was not charged for those occasions in the past.

However in mid 2021, our client was told by his father that the uncle had “jumped the gate into the aged care centre to see our client’s nan” during covid.

As a result, our client confronted his uncle and asked him to not do that again for the sake of his nan’s health. The uncle later made false claims to police that our client had physically assaulted him. The uncle told police that our client had hit the uncle several times over the face, back and stomach. Although no visible injuries were observed on those areas.

The police ended up charging our client with domestic violence assault and an AVO.

After contacting CDLA, he was immediately put through to get legal advice from our senior criminal lawyer Ahmad Faraj. Happy with Ahmad, our Ahmad began working with our client in defending the allegations.

Ahmad worked around the clock and thoroughly prepared for the hearing listed at the Downing Centre Court. The uncle was thoroughly cross examined by Ahmad about issues of credibility, exposing the uncle’s previous lies against our client in relation to the past.

Ahmad powerfully outlined in a very articulate way to the court, through his cross examination, all the inconsistencies of the police case.

After thoroughly attacking the alleged victim’s credibility and pulling apart the police case during the hearing by Ahmad, the Magistrate returned a verdict of Not Guilty thanks to Ahmad’s hard work.

Our client, who was extremely stressed during these times, was able to now move on with his life.


  What Our Clients Say

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Alex Istifan represented me in court and was exceptional in his preparation and approach to my case! I can't express my gratitude and appreciation enough. I would recommend these lawyers… (read full review) By F.M. from Sydney on 06/04/2022
Tayla and Ahmad were absolutely hands down amazing at what they did for my case. They went above and beyond to get me the result I did. I can't recommend… (read full review) By R.C. from Sydney on 08/04/2022

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