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Our 22-year-old client who is a professional Kangaroo shooter from Cooma was charged with firearms offences including not keep firearm safely. His firearms licence is critical to his livelihood.

Police alleged that our client kept his firearm on his dashboard while attending the local petrol station one evening. The police also alleged that he left his car engine on with door/windows unlocked while approaching the service station to pay for fuel.

He contacted CDLA on a weekend and was given quick advice and guidance as to his options and timeframe. Our senior lawyer and ex-DPP prosecutor Kate Miller immediately commenced work on his case knowing that her client’s livelihood depended on it.

Kate clearly outlined the path to be taken, while thoroughly and diligently prepared her clients’ case for court at Cooma Local Court. Essential evidence was gathered as part of the defence case.

On the day of hearing, our Kate made lengthy and persuasive submissions backed with strong evidence on the mitigating circumstances surrounding the offences, as it was an honest momentary lapse of judgement by her client.

Kate, prepared and presented a strong case knowing that a conviction for the firearms offence will result in her client’s firearms licence being revoked automatically under the Firearms Act. Accordingly, our Kate managed to successfully convince the Magistrate in court to not convict our client and instead order a non-conviction sentence. This has resulted in his licence not being revoked and he is able to continue with his job.

Published on 21/02/2022

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