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Our client is a 30 year old woman from Zetlands who works in digital marketing was faced with charges of domestic violence intimidation by police.

The incident unfolded in the context of being intoxicated from alcohol when she got involved into a verbal argument with her partner after a night out. During the argument, our client picked up a knife when her boyfriend quickly called triple zero for police to arrive.

As a result, our client was charged with an AVO order requiring her to appear before the Downing Centre Local Court to face the allegations.

Because our client contacted and received experienced advice early in her case, our managing senior lawyer Tayla Regan was able to provide timely advice, guidance and commenced preparation immediately to put her in the best possible position to avoid a criminal record.

Our Tayla thoroughly prepared our client’s case, ensuring all the important information and evidence was gathered and handed to the court in a timely professional manner. Following strong persuasive submissions by Tayla, the Magistrate agreed to not convict our client. In the result, the court sentenced our client, after taking into account provocation in her favour, to a Conditional Release Order without conviction while on a good behaviour bond for two years.

This allowed our client to remain conviction free and move on with her career and life. Thanks to Tayla’s quick thinking and thorough preparation in this case, our client walked away putting this chapter in her life behind her.

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