Is it Legal to Make a Citizen’s Arrest in NSW?

  It is reported that a man with a large knife in Sydney CBD has allegedly attempted to stab people on Tuesday. Causing the Sydney CBD to go into lockdown, the incident unfolded close to the corner of Clarence and King Street when a man who was reportedly armed with a machete went on a ...continue reading

What the Law says about Possessing, Supplying or Making Explosives in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   On 25 July 2019, a 63-year-old man was charged with multiple explosives and firearms offences after a search of three properties in South Australia uncovered explosive materials, guns and detonators. Murray Mallee Police, along with members of the bomb squad searched houses, sheds, vehicles and scrublands at the ...continue reading

A Guide on the Law on Causing Explosives to be Placed in or Near Building, Conveyance or Public Place in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   When we think of the term “road rage”, thoughts of screaming, rude hand gestures, and sometimes even violence spring to mind – indeed, incidents of aggressive driver behaviour involving such actions are reported frequently on our roads. But even though anger can be a very powerful and reactive ...continue reading

What is the Law and Penalties for Possessing or Using Firearms?

  It is reported that on 5 April, Cameron Jeffrey Wilson, while in his Washington apartment had allegedly stored drugs in his anus. However, that’s not all that he allegedly did. While in his apartment, the 27-year-old man had also placed a pistol in his front pocket before it accidentally discharged. According to a filed ...continue reading

What are the Penalties for Possessing or Manufacturing an Explosive in NSW?

Scott Feeney and Jimmy Singh.   An air exclusion zone was put in place; North Adelaide Residents were recommended to evacuate their homes. Some decided to remain in their properties and police gave them the stern warning, “Stay away from the windows.” Inside the garden shed of a property in Adelaide police allegedly discovered pipe ...continue reading

What are the Penalties for Placing an Explosive in or near a Vehicle, Building or Public Place?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   There’s no denying that we’ve all either seen or been involved in some sort of road rage incident over the years. Perhaps the most common aspect to all is that drivers, in their anger, tend to have a minor verbal or physical outburst of some sort. And why ...continue reading

A Guide on Your Right to Silence When Approached by Police

By Scott Feeney and Jimmy Singh.   The Brazilian Military Police were ready. The raid was about to take place in the northeast of the country, in the low-income community of Vila Irma Dulce. It was Monday the 22nd of April, and while on a regular patrol of their beat, the police observed a man ...continue reading

A Guide on the Law and Penalties for Possessing, Supplying or Making Explosives

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   On 5 March 2019, an Adelaide boy was charged for the offence of possessing an explosive substance after he allegedly hopped on board a public bus armed with a pipe bomb. The 16-year-old teenager first came to the attention of authorities after a report was made to police ...continue reading

What is Armed with an Offensive Weapon to Commit an Indictable Offence?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   It’s not every day that you hear of a person causally wandering the streets with a bow and arrow, ready to fire it. It’s even less often that you hear of the victim of a bow and arrow attack being saved all thanks to their mobile phone. A ...continue reading

Penalties for Using or Possessing a Blow-Pipe that is Capable of Projecting a Dart in NSW

  At about 7pm last Saturday night, a 15-year-old teenage girl, along with her friends, were walking along on a road in Cessnock, NSW when a teenager carrying a pipe with a homemade dart reportedly “leaned out of a vehicle window with a pipe and blew the dart into the girl’s face”. A 17-year-old teenager ...continue reading


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