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Our 33-year old client from Blaxland NSW was charged with one count of steal from Vessel port under section 152 Crimes Act 1900. he was working on the ports conducting maintenance with the co-accused who was at the time his step-father.

Our client looked up to his then step-father as a father figure and never questions him. When there was a dispute between his step-father and the victim, his step-father requested our client to assist him in moving the victim’s took from the port.

Our client complied with this request and moved the victim’s belongings to Cokatoo Island with the help of his step-father. Those belongings were deemed stolen and were in excess of $40,000 worth of tools.

Our client at the time was aware that what he was doing was ‘dodgy’, but still didn’t question his step-father’s directions. Both were then charged by police for stealing over $40,000 worth of property.

The case involved not only over $40,000 of property, but it involved over 20 witnesses which would have caused a hearing to go for over two weeks. Our client ultimately decided to plead guilty to avoid the stresses and money involved in a hearing on a not guilty plea.

Those who are sentenced for stealing from vessel involving this amount of money have resulted in a criminal conviction or prison sentences, according to legal statistics held by the Courts. Our Specialist criminal defence lawyer Ahmad Faraj, thoroughly prepared and presented this case before the Local Court Magistrate ultimately convincing the Magistrate to sentence our client with a non-conviction Conditional Release Order.

This is was the first time the court has granted a non-conviction sentence for this type of offence that is ever reported. A brilliant result for our client thanks to our Ahmad Faraj.

Published on 15/09/2021

AUTHOR Jimmy Singh

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