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Our 45 year old client who lives in Queensland was charged by NSW Police with numerous serious offences, including the cultivation of cannabis plants, and supply of prohibited drugs, which carries heavy penalties including imprisonment.

The offences related to a hydroponic setup in Raymond Terrace some years ago.
Our client, who lives interstate, reached out to our criminal lawyers in Newcastle, where he spoke to our team of specialist drug lawyers. Our Managing Lawyer Tayla Regan immediately stepped in and guided him though the preparation and court process, without our client even having to be present in NSW.
Originally he was charged with 3 drug related offences including cultivation and supply. After lengthy negotiations with police, two charges were dropped and our client accepted a plea of guilty to ‘Take part in the Cultivation of Cannabis Plant’. This meant he was now facing 1 charge, which significantly improved his court result.
This offence was less serious than those our client originally faced, which acknowledged that there was involvement by other co-accused in the cultivation process.
Our client was ultimately sentenced in the Newcastle District Court in November 2020. Our Managing Lawyer Tayla Regan appeared at the sentence hearing where she made persuasive submissions to the Judge emphasising on the most powerful features of his case.
Instead of getting a full-time jail sentence, our client received a Community Correction Order (CCO) without any additional conditions. He was also not required to complete any community service work or treatment. This result has allowed him to move on with his life, and put the past behind him.
Published on 25/11/2020

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