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Our client is a 53-year-old man from Hillsdale. He is single dad with two children. He was charged with a raft of about 17 criminal charges domestic violence related and an apprehended domestic violence order in respect to the same alleged victim.

The allegations dated back to 2016 following the breakdown of the relationship in 2021. Amongst the charges, 14 were common assault, 1 was choke and 2 were assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Our client’s biggest concern was the impact of these charges on the children aged 11 and 14.

Our client had a prior drug possession offence and one previous domestic violence offence in Queensland.

He works as a stevedore in port botany, in a senior position as a trainer.

Our senior lawyer Keiran Khan of CDLA was retained by our client who immediately commenced work on the case. Our Keiran following thorough preparation, negotiated with the prosecution over weeks for a quick and efficient resolution for our client.

In the result, the police agreed to dropping most of the charges upon a plea of guilty to 5 of the offences, being 3 common assaults and 2 actual bodily harm assaults.

The police facts were also heavily amended putting our client in a much better light so that the seriousness of the matter essentially was in the lower end and below the mid range of objective seriousness.

Following sentence, our Keiran appeared in court and convinced the Magistrate to not impose imprisonment. Given the number of charges that were dropped by police, this was an outstanding result for our client who was able to now move on with life.

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