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Our 66-year-old client lives outside of Gloucester in an isolated remote area. Her children reside interstate.

She works passionately as a bus driver and faced great difficulties when her licence was suspended when she was caught mid range drink driving with a reading of 0.117.

The offence occurred in the context of consuming red wine while talking to a friend on the day. When her horse suddenly became ill, she impulsively got into her vehicle to drive to the local shops to buy some ice for her horse. While on her way to the shops, she was pulled over by police for an RBT.

As a bus driver, her licence is her livelihood that pays her bills and allows her to provide a valuable service to the community.

When she got in touch with CDLA’s Sydney office, our senior lawyer Keiran Khan gave her through advice and a plan moving forward on preparing her case. Along with a fixed fee quote for how much it will all cost, this was all provided to her during the first free consultation.

After extensively preparing our client’s case, our Keiran appeared and presented a strong case before the Local Court Magistrate at the Gloucester Local Court in remote NSW. Amongst the arguments made, it was pointed out to the court that our client who has been driving with a licence for over 48 years had only a small handful of traffic infringements which went to the credit of our client as an exceptionally good traffic record.

Ultimately, the Magistrate was persuaded to not convict our client. Our client was sentenced with a non-conviction conditional release order which allowed her to continue driving without a disqualification period. It was an amazing result for a deserving hard-working woman.

Our client was able to continue driving a bus, keep her job, and continue providing a valuable service to the community.

Published on 19/12/2022

AUTHOR Jimmy Singh

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