Penalties for Criminal Offences

Intensive Correction Order Complete Guide

An Intensive correction order is also called an ICO. It’s a form of jail sentence for serious criminal offences. An offender doesn't go to jail.

Suburbs With Highest Rates of COVID Related Fines Revealed

New data has revealed that Western Sydney and regional NSW were issued the most COVID breach related fines in the tens of millions of dollars…

What is an Extended Supervision Order in NSW?


When faced with a criminal charge, the first common question is “should I plead guilty or not guilty?”. Here's why you should speak to a criminal lawyer first...

What is a Criminal Lawyers’ Role?

What happens when a criminal lawyer comes across a client who confesses guilt but maintains a plea of ‘not guilty’? “I did It, but I want you to defend me”.

Most Common COVID-19 Offence Related Fines Issued During Lockdown Revealed

The NSW Bureau of Crime and Statistics has recently published an analysis of fines issued by police during NSW’s latest lockdown… click here for more.

Fines for Unvaccinated Announced Amid NSW Opening Up

NSW businesses could face up to $5,000 fines for letting unvaccinated customers enter their premises, as the state opens up…

The Offence and Penalties of Throwing Rocks at Vehicles in NSW

A passenger has narrowly escaped injury after travelling on a Sydney train that had a large rock about the size of a basketball thrown at it…

Child Sex Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

A 31-year-old school-teacher allegedly had sex with a 14-year-old student in her car after naked photos’ were uncovered… Law on child sex offences in NSW.

Using Poison to Inflict Grievous Bodily Harm or Endanger Life Offences, Penalties and Defences in NSW

A 36-year-old man has allegedly discharged a noxious aerosol substance, understood to be a poisonous cough mixture near a café and medical centre…


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