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Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.


Christmas is supposed to be the season of giving – a time of generosity and helping others that even goes beyond family and friends.

While most of us embrace this spirit, unfortunately, amongst us lie Grinches, who, if not steal Christmas, certainly pilfer parcels at the expense of others.

Indeed, it is hard to believe, especially after what was already such a taxing year.

But for one Queensland woman, taking was the only thing on the agenda.

The woman at hand is accused of separate thefts from doorsteps in broad daylight during early December 2020, ranging from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, which even included a family’s Christmas gifts.

The parcel thief stole kids toys and gift cards from the front porches of several homes.

Meanwhile, Mitchelton resident, Andrew Dodson, even had his food delivery pinched from his front door at 5:33am.

Unbeknownst to the thief, however, the thief was caught on CCTV cameras outside his property, unconcernedly strolling to the porch where she went on to pick up his box of food and then sprint back to a red car, before making a quick getaway in a vehicle.

“The minute she jumps in the car, she didn’t even have a chance to close her door and she was taking off back down the highway,” Mr Dodson said, speaking to 9News.

“I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe would happen at this time of year.”

In fact, from Mr Dodson’s CCTV footage, he could “see other packages in the back of her car”.

Mr Dodson only installed his security cameras a fortnight prior to the incident and said he was grateful he did.

Rather than being angry over the woman’s thieving behaviour, he simply passed on a message for anyone that desperate.

“If you do need help, ask for help. If you, you know, need anything, I’m sure there’s people that can help rather than just taking things.”


Woman’s Crime Spree Continues as She Steals from More Houses on the Gold Coast

The relentless thief did not stop at the Dodson residence, nevertheless.

More cameras outside a Biggera Waters house on the Gold Coast caught the woman, once again in her red car, pinching birthday presents left on the front door by a delivery person.

Without a care, the woman runs off with the parcel, while a person inside the home who spotted her can be heard shouting, “Wait, wait, I’m taking your photo!”.

Police have since revealed that a woman has been charged after officers intercepted a car on Brisbane’s north side.

Inside the car, officers discovered stolen items.

The 30-year-old woman, following a bail application, was granted bail and will face court in January 2021 over the series of parcel thefts.


Local Community Shocked as News Spreads of “Grinch” That Stole Christmas

As one would expect, the reaction from the public over news of the parcel pilferer incited anger and frustration, in particular to her release on bail.

In one community update from 9 News Queensland, members of the public expressed comments such as, “What a low life. Put her in jail for Xmas”, and, “Give her community service picking up *poo emoji* from the victim’s houses”.

“So they’ll let her out on bail, courts not till next month and she’s just gonna keep doing it are they that naïve? Someone watched The Grinch a bit too closely,” queried another person.

This sentiment was echoed as another exclaimed, “She’s out on bail right? So how about showing her face just in case she decided to do more while she is waiting for her court date! Such a low act, especially at Christmas. She obviously doesn’t need things, just greed, which makes it even lower!”.

Others brought attention to the fact that the woman could afford a car – but not her own presents.

“She can drive around with petrol in her car but she can’t afford presents etc… Saving money so she can spend more on petrol stealing from others. What a low life…,” wrote one person.

“Get a job instead of stealing. If you need help then ask for help from charities rather than committing a crime,” said another.

Larceny in NSW is a crime punishable with penalties ranging from $2,200 fine/1 year imprisonment to $5,500 fine/5 years imprisonment, pursuant to section 117 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). It ranges depending on the value of the stolen property. Where the charge is dealt with in the Local Court, the maximum penalty that can be imposed for any one offence is 2-years jail.

Click here for the law and penalties for larceny in NSW.

It should be noted that a larceny offence does not occur if the property was taken away for a temporary purpose and not to permanently deprive the owner of it.

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