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Our client is a 40-year-old mother from Riverstone who was charged with mid-range drink driving, resulting in police immediately suspending her driver licence on the spot. Her case was listed at the Parramatta Local Court to face the charge.

She called our 24/7 legal hotline and was put straight through speak to our specialist criminal defence lawyer Alex Istifan who also specialises in drink driving cases. Alex advised her over the phone by taking her through all the steps and realistic options with practical guidance throughout the entire court process. Alex explained and guided her to obtaining all the important pieces of evidence required before her court date in preparation. As our client wanted to avoid a conviction and keep her licence, Alex prepared towards this main goal.

Leading to the day in court our Alex reviewed all the documents carefully and prepared well for her day in court.

After our client entering pleas of guilty to the drink driving offence, our Alex submitted all the prepared evidence for the Magistrate at Parramatta Court to read before making submissions on behalf of our client highlighting the circumstances of our client committing the offence and the need for her to have a license. He also drew the courts attention to our clients antecedents and further highlighted to the court that our client should be afforded leniency on this occasion.

After listening to Alex’s persuasive submission, the Parramatta Court Magistrate ultimately agreed to not convict our client, and instead sentenced our client with a conditional release order without a conviction, which also resulted in no licence disqualification. Our client who needed her licence for her job and personal commitments was able to keep her licence and continue driving putting this chapter in her life behind her.

AUTHOR Jimmy Singh

Mr. Jimmy Singh is the Principal Lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia - Leading Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, Delivering Exceptional Results in all Australian Criminal Courts.

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