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Our client is a 36-year-old man who immigrated to Australia, and was eventually sworn in as a citizen in Australia in 2014. He is employed on a full time basis at Bunnings Warehouse, earning a modest income. He is also studying a Bachelors degree in the Health industry.

Over several years, he and his wife purchased a home in Sydney, but took up a lot of debt in the process. Apart from a mortgage, our client was overwhelmed with car repayments, personal and private loan repayments and credit card repayments in addition to child care fees and utility bills.

Overwhelmed with debt, our client was caught attempting to steal hundreds of dollars worth of essential groceries from Woolworths, and was charged with larceny. He was required to appear before Campbelltown Local Court to face his charges.

Our client immediately contacted Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia on a weekend. He was extremely anxious and concerned regarding the charge. He immediately got through and spoke to our criminal defence lawyer Bashir El Kheir of our Sydney office.

Bashir aptly explained all the avenues available to him with respect to the offence of larceny. Our client significantly highlighted the need for a non-conviction as a criminal record will derail his career in the health industry before it has even commenced, and this will only exacerbate his financial situation.

After several weeks of diligent preparation, Bashir appeared before the Magistrate at the Campbelltown Local Court and presented a strong case, asserting that our client should be afforded the Court’s leniency given his financial situation, the circumstances of the offence, and the low objective seriousness of his offending.

The Magistrate readily accepted all of the persuasive submissions put forward by our Bashir and agreed that our client should be afforded leniency on this occasion.

Accordingly, the Magistrate granted the order sought by us, being a s10 dismissal non-conviction for the offence of larceny.

Our client was extremely relieved with the result, as this will allow him to finalise his degree, and seek employment in his career of choice without being burdened by a criminal record, nor without the need to serve a good behaviour bond.

Thanks to the level of attention to detail, care and commitment by our Bashir on this case, this result was made not only possible, but it eventuated into reality for our client. Our client gets his second chance to maintain his good reputation in the community.

Published on 21/06/2022

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