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Our 51-year-old client is a successful business owner with her partner. She got into an argument over money with her partner which resulted in her reaching out to police for help. When police arrived, our client provided them with a statement that her partner has sexually and physically assaulted her. Admitting she said all this out of frustration and as a result of not thinking straight in the heat of the moment, she did not want police to proceed with charging her partner as a result.

The police ended up charging her partner and also imposing an apprehended domestic violence order against him causing him to leave their home. As a result they could not live together during the AVO.

She tried to get the police to drop the charges and AVO, but the police refused. This is typical in domestic violence allegation cases of this nature.

She contacted CDLA and spoke to our specialist criminal defence lawyer Ahmad Faraj who carefully listened to her situation and devised a case analysis on how to approach the situation in accordance with the law.

Ahmad provided her with practical advice and guidance and with her instructions drafted a statement. The new statement drafted was then used in conjunction with Ahmad’s approach in negotiating with the police to get the charges dropped.

Ahmad’s approach and careful analysis of the case led to the police agreeing to remove the non-contact conditions of the AVO and charges being dismissed. This allowed our client to move on with her life and relationship.

Published on 10/12/2021

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