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Our 30-year-old client from Sutherland was searched by police under a search warrant. As a result, our client and his partner were charged with a large number of fraud offences.

At the time of the search warrant, they were both also on bail for other fraudulent and driving offences. These offences were a combination of ‘Obtaining financial advantage by deception’, ‘possession of ID information to commit indictable offence’, ‘goods in custody’ and driving matters.

The couple approached the CDLA Sydney office for legal advice and representation, and spoke with our Managing Senior Lawyer Tayla Regan.

After some careful examination of the evidence, and negotiations with police, numerous charges were withdrawn against our clients, and the matter eventually proceeded to sentencing at the Sutherland Local Court.

One of our clients, who was originally charged with 33 offences, plead guilty to a reduced number of 19 offences, with acknowledgment that this breached a current good behaviour bond for a prior matter.

The other co-offender client, originally charged with 8 offences, pleaded guilty to a reduced number of 6 offences, with acknowledge that this breached his current good behaviour bond for a driving matter.

Very lengthy submissions were made on behalf of both clients’ on sentence and, after adjourning for consideration of options available, the court was persuaded to impose penalties that could be served in the community, instead of jail.

In relation to our client with the 33 offences, the court imposed a 3 year Intensive Corrections Order with a home detention component. No action was taken on the breach.

In relation to our client with 6 offences, the court imposed an 18 month Intensive Corrections order with a condition to abstain for using drugs. He was convicted of the breach of good behaviour bond.

Our client’s were thrilled to avoid full time custody, and be able to remain in the community with their two young children.


Published on 29/06/2022

AUTHOR Jimmy Singh

Mr. Jimmy Singh is the Principal Lawyer at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia - Leading Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, Delivering Exceptional Results in all Australian Criminal Courts.

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