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Our 27-year-old client who works as an estimator in the construction industry ended up getting an AVO on him by the NSW Police Force after his ex partner became angry. His ex-partner decided to make a a false claim against our client of stalk/intimidation after our client had told her that he no longer wanted to be exclusive with their relationship. After hearing that our client wanted to only be friends and nothing more, she went through his social media feeds to see all the other girls he had been hanging out with.

Following this she complained to the police that our client was stalking her. This was far from the truth. Our client was concerned that having an AVO could mean that she would make up more stories potentially putting our client into more trouble in circumstances our client has done nothing wrong.

After approaching Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, our senior lawyer Ahmad Faraj commenced preparation. He quickly discovered after a close analysis of the police evidence, that their evidence was weak with many holes in it.

As a result, our Ahmad commenced negotiating with the prosecution in attempts to get the AVO withdrawn and dismissed early. This went on for some time, especially due to COVID lockdowns, but thanks to Ahmad’s hard work and consistency in trying to get it dropped, the prosecution agreed to drop the AVO.

In the result, our client was able to move on in life. Given this was a high media attention case, police rarely drop AVOs. It was indeed an exceptional and fair outcome for our client, saving him legal fees and stress.

AUTHOR Jimmy Singh

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