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It is reported that a 33-year-old woman was driving an Audi Q5 on Princess Highway allegedly alerting other road users due to the manner of her driving. Police report receiving numerous calls just before 12pm Thursday last week.

The car was allegedly driven by the woman over a roundabout causing all of the four vehicle tyres to blow.

Other than the woman driver, the vehicle contained a 3 month old baby, and two more children.

The woman, from Gymea Bay, returned a positive roadside breath test before she was arrested by police and escorted to the Nowra Police Station. Once at the Police Station, she was subjected to a breath analysis, returning a BAC reading of 0.249.

The legal limit to drive in NSW is 0.05 BAC for full licence holders.

The woman now faces a high range drink driving charge, aggravated by the alleged manner of driving and children in the vehicle, facing possible Full Time Imprisonment.

Following the charge, she was also immediately suspended by police and is next required to appear before the Nowra Local Court on 1 November.


Drink Driving High Range Offences

The high-range BAC threshold is 0.15g or more in New South Wales.

Any aggravating factors, including the manner of driving and number of people in vehicle that are also exposed to the risk increase the chances of a full time custodial sentence according to the high range drink driving guideline judgement.

What are the penalties for high range? The penalties differ based on first or second offenders. A first offence attracts up to 18 months prison and/or $3,300 fine. A second or subsequent offence carries up to 24 months prison and/or $5,500 fine.

First time drink driving for high range offenders will also face a compulsory disqualification of between 6 -9 months, before a 2-year minimum interlock period.

Second offenders will face a compulsory disqualification period of between 9 – 12 months before the 4 years minimum interlock period kicks in.

Drink driving in NSW is taken very seriously by courts as it destroys lives.

Published on 14/10/2022

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