Animal Cruelty

Laws on Harming Animals that are a Threatened Species, or Part of a Threatened Ecological Community or Protected Animal in NSW

A 26-year-old man has ended up in an aggressive altercation with a seagull after it tried to steal the McDonald’s meal he had just started to scoff down…

What is Bestiality?

Two NSW men, aged 61 and 76, have been charged with distributing bestiality material after police removed an abused dog from their home.

Your Responsibility as a Dog Owner When in a Public Place: What the Law Says NSW

London’s famous “Freddie Mercury The Seal” forced to be put down after being attacked by out of control dog in Barnes…

Law on Drivers’ Duty to Report Injuries Caused to Animals in NSW

An 18-month old dog was struck and dragged by a school bus as the driver failed to stop or return to see what he had hit…

Animal Cruelty Offences and Defences in NSW

A 19-year-old Mount Pritchard man has allegedly killed a family’s pet dog during a violent break and enter near Liverpool has been charged…

Penalties for Smuggling Illegal Wildlife in Australia

Cactus If You Can: Smuggler sprung with almost 1,000 succulents and cacti strapped to her body...

Court Hears Man Alternated Between Having Sex with Pet Chickens and His Wife

Father of four, 37-year-old Rehan Baig engaged in sexual intercourse with his pet chickens -which died as a result- has been sentenced…

Sydney Man Charged with Aggravated Animal Cruelty After Dog Left Inside Hot Car Dies

49-year-old Sydney man has allegedly left his 5-year-old Rottweiler cross dog unattended in a hot car for several hours before it died has been charged…

NSW Man Charged Over Video of Instagram Influencer Performing Sex Act with Dog

41-year-old Tony Vidler from NSW has been charged with bestiality & distributing an intimate video of an 18-year-old girl performing a sex act with a dog.

Man Charged with Serious Animal Cruelty Over Horror Stabbing of Two French Bulldogs

A 31-year-old Sydney man has allegedly stabbed two French Bulldogs with a knife after breaking into a home has been arrested.


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