Assault Police Charges in NSW

An Instagram “socialite” and OnlyFans star from Sydney has pleaded guilty to four counts of assaulting a police officer in the execution of duty after she spat and kicked the authority while drunkenly defending a man she did not know.

Casie Caldwell, 31, appeared at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on Friday 11th March 2022 after an incident which saw her unravel into an intoxicated rage and spit on police as they attempted to assist a man passed out in a gutter in Double Bay.

During the incident, which took place in December 2021, police were called to the intersection of Onslow Avenue and Greenknowe Avenue in the lavish suburb in response to a concern for the welfare of the passed-out man.

Ms Caldwell, who is a qualified hairdresser, was sitting on the gutter next to the man, and according to a police fact sheet, she was also “highly intoxicated”.

As officers reached out to help the male, Ms Caldwell confronted them and began shouting and swearing to leave the man alone.

The woman then pulled her phone out and began recording them.

Police requested Ms Caldwell to retreat and allow them to assist the man, however the woman simply became more agitated, resulting in her displaying an aggressive outburst that hindered police.

According to court documents, the woman was then led away.

“Due to her aggressive behaviour and the fact her behaviour was hindering police efforts, Constable James Brogan led Caldwell away,” the documents state.

Nevertheless, she carried on swearing and trying to push past Constable Brogan to return to the man, before being stopped again.

“They f**king arrest me,” she yelled at police.

At this point, Constable Brogan was forced to arrest Ms Caldwell and handcuffed her.

Once again, however, she remained unrelenting in her aggression.

The Instagram socialite kicked her left leg out at the officer, striking his leg.

Then, while being led to a police vehicle, she carried on kicking, trying to hit other police officers, court documents reveal.

Ms Caldwell was taken to Kings Cross Police Station and ushered into the custody area, where she “became highly argumentative and aggressive towards police”.

At this point, the OnlyFans star proceeded to spit twice while her handcuffs were removed, leaving her saliva landing on the cheek of Constable Brogan.

It is understood police refused to interview the woman because of her aggressive and intoxicated behaviour, and she was charged thereafter.

Magistrate Declares Instagram Socialite’s Behaviour as Self-Sabotage to Land Herself in Court

Inside Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court, a legal aid lawyer stated Ms Caldwell was on a Conditional Release Order at the time of the offending and said she had not had any alcohol since her arrest.

In response, Magistrate Daniel Covington declared the woman’s behaviour as self-sabotage to land herself in court.

“If there was ever a person who sabotaged themselves to get into court, this is it,” Magistrate Covington said.

“The offender had no relationship to the man and showed staggeringly stupid behaviour.

“Intoxicating liquor seems to be what causes the behaviour.”

Magistrate Covington added that Ms Caldwell she should have left the police alone.

“You took it too far, the spitting is serious, police were just going about their day and you didn’t need to involve yourself.”

“The first offence carries a maximum penalty of 12 months in prison then it just escalated from there,” he said.

Ms Caldwell pleaded guilty to four counts of assaulting an officer.

She was also charged with resisting or hindering police officer in the execution of duty.

The social media star was convicted and fined $500 for her offences and placed on a Community Corrections Order for nine months.

It is understood Ms Caldwell has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and OnlyFans.

Assault Police Charges in NSW

It is against the law to assault a police officer in the execution of their duty and this is irrespective of whether actual bodily harm is occasioned to the officer or not.

In NSW, this is pursuant to section 60 of the Crimes Act 1990, which advises a maximum penalty of five years in jail where an officer is assaulted in the execution of duty and no actual bodily harm is occasioned to the officer.

However, if actual bodily harm is occasioned to the officer during the assault, the maximum penalty jumps to seven years in jail with a standard three-year non-parole period.

Moreover, where an officer is assaulted in the execution of duty and grievous bodily harm is occasioned and the person is reckless as to causing the actual bodily harm to the officer or any other person involved, the maximum penalty again jumps to 12 years in jail and a standard five-year non-parole period applies.

By Sahar Adatia.

Image credit: Rose Makin

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