Minister David Elliot Cleared of Impersonating Police Officer by Internal Review Without Following Proper Process

An internal review into Police Minister David Elliott allegedly impersonating a police officer in a road-rage incident has cleared him of wrongdoing before consulting legal advice.

Fake ID Fail: International Student Charged with Unlawful Use of Driver Licence After Forgetting Crucial Detail

International student Mohammad Usman tried to trick police with a fake ID before failing to remember his supposed date of birth has been sentenced.

What is Perverting the Course of Justice in NSW?

One of Sydney’s high-ranking members of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang has allegedly attempted to pervert the course of justice in court.

What is the Charge of Property Suspected of Being Proceeds of Crime in NSW?

A 48-year-old man has been found with an enormous amount of cash on him after crashing car on his way to Wagga Wagga has been charged for proceeds of crime.

Law on Obtaining Australian Driver Licence by False Statements or Dishonest Means

26-year-old Afghan immigrant Ali Haidari has Australian citizenship revoked after using a fake Afghan drivers' licence to obtain an Australian one.

How Does COVID-19 Affect Bail Applications in NSW?

How Coronavirus led the Supreme Court to grant bail to Mr. Rakielbakhour after he allegedly repeatedly punched his wife’s face and body, causing injuries.

Law, Penalties and Defences for Centrelink Charges

A 35-year-old mother has obtained a financial advantage of over $26,000 by deception from Centrelink over a period of nearly 7-years has been sentenced.

What are the Rules Around NSW Police Strip Searching a Person?

Police officers in NSW have been given a quota to conduct 241,632 personal searches including strip searches on people. Read on for more…

Law, Penalties & Defences for Dealing with Proceeds of Crime Charges in NSW

2 men have been arrested following investigations into a large-scale international money-laundering syndicate after police find over $1.3m cash in Sydney.

Law on Obtaining Benefit by Deception in NSW

A motorist has been found with a stash of counterfeit McDonald stickers to outsmart the loyalty scheme that allows you to trade them for a free coffee.


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