Grievous Bodily Harm Or Wounding With Intent


When faced with a criminal charge, the first common question is “should I plead guilty or not guilty?”. Here's why you should speak to a criminal lawyer first...

What is a Criminal Lawyers’ Role?

What happens when a criminal lawyer comes across a client who confesses guilt but maintains a plea of ‘not guilty’? “I did It, but I want you to defend me”.

Recklessly Causing Grievous Bodily Harm in NSW

76-year-old pensioner Gary Vanryswyk has performed a DIY castration on a bloke he met on a fetish website as police discover severed testicles inside a jar…

Poison to Endanger Life or Cause Grievous Bodily Harm Offences & Defences in NSW

A 39-year-old Sydney mum has allegedly poisoned her 9-year-old son by injecting faeces through his cannula while sick in hospital…

Female Genital Mutilation Offences and Defences in NSW

Two women who allegedly plotted the circumcision of a two-week-old female baby as part of their “cultural beliefs” have been charged…

Newborn Baby Loses Fight for Life in New Zealand Hospital After Enduring Savage Dog Attack

A newborn baby who was fighting for his life after a savage dog attack while the mother had gone to the toilet has died in hospital.

New Laws on Crimes Committed Against Pregnant Women in NSW

Gladys Berejiklian & Attorney-General propose new laws with heavier sentences for offenders who cause the destruction of a pregnant woman’s foetus in NSW...

Law on Wounding or Causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent to Resist Arrest: Man in Stolen Maserati Charged after Stabbing Senior Constable with Screwdriver

A passenger in a stolen Maserati, caused a police pursuit in Sydney’s south-west has allegedly stabbed a police officer with a screwdriver has been arrested

Strike Force Irrabella Set Up to Investigate Domestic Violence Allegations Against Former South Sydney Rabbitohs Player

A strike force has been set up solely to investigate allegations of domestic violence against former South Sydney Rabbitohs player Sam Burgess…

Unborn baby dies after father allegedly cut open wife’s stomach

An unborn baby has died after the father allegedly cut open his wife’s stomach with a sickle… Law on killing an unborn baby in NSW.


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Bashir was extremely well organised, professional and extremely helpful. I only gave him a short window to prepare and he didn't disappoint. Would definitely recommend Bashir to anyone facing criminal… (read full review) By D.D from Sydney on 16/05/2022
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Thank you Bashir! You did a great job on my case and I could not have asked for more effort and passion into my case! I received a non conviction… (read full review) By R.S.O. from Sydney on 02/05/2022
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