Sexual Assault

Hey Dad! Robert Hughes Tendency Towards Underage Girls

High Court ruled Robert Hughes tendency to engage in opportunistic sexual activities with underage girls can be used against him in his trial for child sex offences.

Are People with Criminal Convictions Allowed to Associate with Each Other?

Chance Encounters with Convicted Criminals is Not Habitual Consorting. Supreme Court Finds Charlie Forster Not Guilty for Consorting with Convicted Offenders.

Will My Case Be Thrown Out If Alleged Victim Fails To Attend Court?

Will My Case Be Thrown Out if Alleged Victim Fails to Attend Court? Read on to find out.

Is homosexuality an offence?

If the law on Homosexuality can be changed in NSW, why can’t same sex marriage? Is homosexuality an offence and what is the current law in NSW? Read on.


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Alex Istifan was diligent and articulate as a criminal defence lawyer that I had the pleasure of working with and entrusting. His Impeccable expertise and ability to speak with confidence… (read full review) By K from Sydney on 29/04/2022
Thank you Bashir! You did a great job on my case and I could not have asked for more effort and passion into my case! I received a non conviction… (read full review) By R.S.O. from Sydney on 02/05/2022
Senior lawyer Ahmad represented me for a common assault charge and AVO. He successfully pulled apart the prosecution case with ease. He got me the best possible result and the… (read full review) By J.M. from Sydney on 06/04/2022
Alex Istifan represented me in court and was exceptional in his preparation and approach to my case! I can't express my gratitude and appreciation enough. I would recommend these lawyers… (read full review) By F.M. from Sydney on 06/04/2022
Tayla and Ahmad were absolutely hands down amazing at what they did for my case. They went above and beyond to get me the result I did. I can't recommend… (read full review) By R.C. from Sydney on 08/04/2022

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