Sexual Assault

The Crime of Sexual Assault in New South Wales

A security guard posed as a rideshare driver to reel a teenager into his car before sexually assaulting her has been sentenced…

Are Brothels Allowed to Operate in Australia?

Brothels in Australia are criminalised in some States and Territories, whereas other States and Territories have decriminalised it...

Ex NRL Player Jarryd Hayne Set to Face Retrial After Appeal

Jarryd Hayne will now face a third trial over sexual assault allegations after his conviction was quashed on appeal. Click here for more…

Top 10 Famous Criminal Cases In Australia

Arguably Australia’s top 10 worst crimes in history. Click here for more…


When faced with a criminal charge, the first common question is “should I plead guilty or not guilty?”. Here's why you should speak to a criminal lawyer first...

What is a Criminal Lawyers’ Role?

What happens when a criminal lawyer comes across a client who confesses guilt but maintains a plea of ‘not guilty’? “I did It, but I want you to defend me”.

Sexual Assault and Age of Consent Australia Laws Complete Guide NSW

Aggravated Sexual Intercourse with Child Aged 14, But Under 16 in NSW

Sydney high school teacher admits in court she had sex with 14-year-old student…

NSW Attorney-General Requests Review of Sexual Assault Sentencing Laws

The new proposal permits Judges to sentence persons found guilty of historical sex crimes using present laws, rather than those that were in force at the time of offending according to NSW A-G Mark Speakman…

The Offence of Rape and Consent Laws in NSW Explained

Sexual assault allegations rock Parliament House as Christian Porter has taken mental health leave from his position as Attorney-General following coming forward as the Cabinet Minister accused of an historical rape…


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