What are the Penalties for Destroying or Damaging Someone’s Property with Fire?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   The potential of fire to destroy property or cause destruction is both tremendous and transparent. So much so that according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, fire is distinguished as the means most capable to cause damage above and beyond any other method of devastation. With the clear ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Throwing Rocks or Other Objects at Vehicles or Vessels in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   It was a lucky escape for truck driver Andrew Martin who just about cheated death after three teenagers pelted a 12-kilogram rock from an overpass onto a highway in Melbourne’s west on Sunday, narrowly missing him. On the afternoon of 25 November, Mr Martin was driving his truck ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Arson Offences in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   There’s no denying that absolutely no one enjoys getting caught by a speed camera, let alone copping the hefty fine that comes with it. Other than being a real downer to your wallet, speeding also puts people’s lives at risk, sometimes even killing them. So, it’s probably a ...continue reading

What is the Law and Penalties for Graffiti Offences in NSW?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   It is common knowledge that graffiti vandalism is an illegal act that has not only plagued society for years, but also continued to generate widespread concern amongst Australian communities. While most people don’t understand the extent of its ramifications upon society, the impact of graffiti vandalism is vast ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties for Intentionally or Recklessly Destroy or Damage Property in NSW?

The Case of Hammond v R Mr. Hammond was charged and found guilty by a Local Court Magistrate for Damaging property under section 195(1) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). He appealed the Local Court’s decision to the District Court. The District Court dismissed his appeal which is when he then appealed to the Court ...continue reading

New NSW Sentencing Penalty Introduced: The New ‘Intensive Corrections Orders’

  On 24 October 2017, Parliament in NSW assented to the amending legislation which effectively changed the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (NSW). As of 24 September 2018, three major new sentencing options were introduced into NSW. A Magistrate or Judge can now impose any one of these new sentencing or penalty options for traffic ...continue reading

New Sentencing Option Introduced in NSW: ‘Community Correction Orders’

Our previous blog outlined how the ‘section 10 bond’ has now replaced the new ‘conditional release order’ as a new sentencing option in NSW for criminal and traffic offences. This blog outlines a further new sentencing option called a ‘community corrections order’ which effectively replaces the old ‘section 9 bond’ and ‘community service order’ penalties, ...continue reading

The End of ‘Section 10 Bonds’ in NSW as a Sentencing Option

  The Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (NSW) reflects the law behind all the sentencing options a Magistrates or Judges can impose on a person guilty of a NSW criminal or traffic offence. That Law has now changed and the new NSW sentencing penalties or options commence from today 24 September 2018 onwards. The popular ...continue reading

What is an Affray and its Penalty in NSW?

What is Affray in NSW? Unlike assault charges, including common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm, which are considered offences against individuals, affray is a more serious type of charge carrying a maximum term of up to 10 years imprisonment, and is considered an offence against the public order to ...continue reading

What is Obscene Exposure and Offensive Conduct?

By Jimmy Singh A man has reportedly masturbated in public with his penis exposed in-front of women in Melbourne. The male, who police are still on the hunt for, is described as Caucasian or European in his 20-30 years of age with a beard, and short dark hair. On one occasion he has reportedly yelled ...continue reading


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