Is it Legal to Make a Citizen’s Arrest in NSW?

  It is reported that a man with a large knife in Sydney CBD has allegedly attempted to stab people on Tuesday. Causing the Sydney CBD to go into lockdown, the incident unfolded close to the corner of Clarence and King Street when a man who was reportedly armed with a machete went on a ...continue reading

Possessing Child Abuse Material Penalties in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   The problem of child sexual abuse material circulating between networks and spreading over social media has in recent years become both ever-increasing and worrying. As The Sydney Morning Herald reports, last year, almost a million Twitter accounts were suspending for posting child sexual exploitation, while Facebook and Instagram ...continue reading

What does the Law say about Aggravated Indecent Assault or Sexual Touching in NSW?

  It is reported that a Sydney teacher who was charged with the alleged indecent assault of girls 3 girls aged between 11 and 12 years has been given a verdict of ‘not guilty’ in court. 52-year-old Simon William Phillips was alleged to have indecently touched the primary school girls while he was a temporary ...continue reading

The Law and Penalties on Kidnapping in NSW

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   It’s every parent’s worst nightmare; the nagging fear constantly running in the back of their brain – a scenario where their child is forcibly kidnapped, putting their safety at risk or even worse, subjecting them to indecent treatment. Worryingly, this is a situation that is not uncommon. In ...continue reading

The Law on the Sexual Abuse of Children in NSW

  It is reported that a Perth father has pleaded guilty after making admissions to the sexual abuse of young girls aged from five to nine years. The 45-year-old father faced 38-charges, which included indecent recording of a child, possessing child exploitation material and sexually penetrating a child. The District Court was told that a ...continue reading

What are the Penalties for Committing a Sexual Act?

  It is reported that a 50-year old man was seen to be masturbating in broad daylight in Doonside at the Nurragingy Reserve on Monday. It is alleged that he was masturbating in front of children who reported the incident to their mother. Police also allege that the man commenced further sexual acts in view ...continue reading

What are the Penalties for Streaking or Obscene Exposure in NSW?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   On 1 June 2019, the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham was brought to a sudden halt when a streaker ran across the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid in a thong swimsuit and sneakers. The US model, Kinsey Wolanski, somehow made it past security, jumped the fence ...continue reading

The Penalties for Sexual Assault without Consent in NSW

  It is reported that in November 2018, an anaesthetist, Dr. Adam examined the rectum of his 37-year-old patient without the patients consent. Following a complaint made about this, Dr. Hill in March was suspended by the Medical Council of NSW. Dr. Hill has agreed that it was wrong to have conducted the rectum examination ...continue reading

What are the Penalties for Having Sex with a Child?

  It is reported that 31-year-old Ruecha Tokputza has been charged with child sexual offences. Tokputza is guilty of sexually violating 13 children, including thirteen babies and boys over an offending period of over 6 years. The sexual assaults have been described by the Senior Counsel prosecutor Heath Barklay as so serious and severe that ...continue reading

What is the Law and Penalties for Bestiality in NSW?

By Sahar Adatia and Jimmy Singh.   As shocking as it sounds, the act of human sexual relations with animals – a behaviour known as bestiality – has existed since the dawn of human history, in every place and culture in the world. In fact, according to a study on bestiality and zoophilia based on ...continue reading


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